Cupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Being a Better ParentCupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Being a Better Parent

By Shannon Seibert

Being a parent is the hardest job out there. There isn’t a rule book that gives explicit instructions, and there isn’t a how-to guide for every experience your child will go through. It’s tough, but it’s a blessing. With that thought in mind, we’ve pulled together five articles from our partners to instill confidence in your parenting skills:

1. There is no such thing as perfect: If there were a dictionary for parenting vocabulary, the word “perfect” wouldn’t be found on a single page. Don’t stress about being the perfect role model who always makes the right decisions and says the right things. One important lesson for children to learn is that it’s okay to make mistakes. Rosie Pope embraces this idea and calls herself “a work in progress!” (

2. Yelling doesn’t always work: They pull your hair, bring dirt into the house, and rub mysterious substances all over your pristine white walls, and you wonder how you’ll get through the day without a meltdown. Patience is a virtue that kids enjoy to test. Instead of yelling at your children when they begin pushing your buttons, here are three things to try to avoid raising your voice. (

3. A strong relationship is positive encouragement: Kids learn by example. By having a loving relationship with your significant other, it will stimulate positive life-learning for your children. Avoid having major confrontations in front of your children. In turn, your kids will be more likely to have caring relationships of their own as they grow older. (

4. Teach your kids to love learning: Education is such a beautiful gift to give to a child. Inspire your kids to want to learn more about the world. Read books aloud, help with their homework, and teach them to ask questions. But don’t allow them to rely on you as their only resource. Encourage them to acquire knowledge independently, making the information more meaningful. (

5. A healthy lifestyle can bring the family together: It can be difficult to get your children to munch on carrots instead of chips. Get creative in the kitchen and get your family moving with group exercise to form lasting bonds with each other. Pull ideas from these tips to work on healthier living. ( 

Have any tips for being a more confident parent? Tell us in the comments below!