Cupid's Pulse Article: Ed Sheeran’s New Girlfriend is Taylor Swift-Approved!Cupid's Pulse Article: Ed Sheeran’s New Girlfriend is Taylor Swift-Approved!

By Sanetra Richards

Ed Sheeran’s new girlfriend is Taylor Swift-approved. According to, the 24-year-old country turned pop singer has already been introduced to Sheeran’s new love interest. Although he has managed to be very discreet about disclosing too much information on his latest partner, Sheeran did tell Us that she “works for a food company – well not a food company, she works for a chef.” So, how exactly did Swift get to meet Ms. Anonymous? “We went for dinner in London,” said Sheeran. “She likes her.” He added that the secret girlfriend is indeed Greek and can whip up “anything Greek.”

What are some ways to keep your relationship under wraps?

 Cupid’s Advice:

 Whilst some choose to announce their new relationship right away, others choose to maintain that bit of mystery for a little while. But exactly how do you manage to keep it under wraps until you are ready to spill the beans? Cupid has some advice:

1. Lips are sealed: Before any other step, you and your new partner must agree to keep it a secret (unless you want to tell a limited number of close family and friends). However, if you really want to keep it all undisclosed, telling absolutely no one is the way to go. It is completely understandable because you and new love are fresh and wanting to see how things go before jinxing the relationship.

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2. Avoid PDA: Holding hands and kissing is certainly the way to blow your cover. Everyone knows “just friends” are not that affectionate with each other. Save it for the private areas if you want to keep the whole secrecy mission going.

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3. Play it cool: Try not to become too wrapped up in your partner, otherwise, people will notice. Your family and friends will begin to tell if you are becoming distant . . . and that is when the questions will begin. Balance your time with each until you are ready to announce the big news.

 What are some ways you can keep your relationship under wraps in the beginning stages? Share your thoughts below.