Cupid's Pulse Article: Jay-Z Stages Mock Proposal to Beyonce at Met GalaCupid's Pulse Article: Jay-Z Stages Mock Proposal to Beyonce at Met Gala

By Louisa Gonzales

Jay-Z staged a mock proposal to Beyonce on the red carpet at the 2014 Costume Institute Gala in New York City on Monday, May 5, according to The rapper came to the “Pretty Hurts” singer’s rescue after the ring she wore on her right hand accidentally fell off her finger. The “Holy Grail” rapper, 44, didn’t just hand the ring back to his bride. Instead, he performed a mock proposal for his wife and the cameras. The power couple, who dazzled at the annual event, are currently getting ready for their joint upcoming summer ‘On the Run’ tour in the U.S. and in Canada.

What are some ways to keep the spark in your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

When you first get together with someone, it’s new and exciting. But when you’ve been with the same person for a long time, you can sometimes fall into what feels like a rut. Relationships can constantly change, and being with your partner for a long time doesn’t mean you can’t still experience new and fun things. Cupid has some advice on some ways to keep the spark in your relationship:

1. Recreate your first date: It can be fun to go back to the beginning, experience things all over again, but also see how much things have changed. Memories are important things and some we will cherish and remember forever, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go back and relive them. It could be fun to go “back in time” for a night and recreate the magic all over again.

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2. Try something new together: What makes the beginning of relationship so exciting is the fact everything is new. So, trying new things together will keep things fresh and the fires burning. Do something you both have talked about doing or haven’t done yet, try activities like skydiving or try traveling somewhere you’ve never been,  it doesn’t matter what you do just make it an adventure and something to remember.

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3. Dress up for each other from time to time: Sure, you may already have that special someone in your life, but that doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of yourself or dressing up for them. Don’t just get all dolled up for date nights, try doing it sometime when you’re home and make a boring night turn into a romantic evening in. Having a little fun in your relationship, like dressing up for your beau, can help with keeping the passion alive between the two of you.

What do you think are some good ways to keep the spark in your relationship alive? Share your tips below.