Cupid's Pulse Article: Exes Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Don’t Speak at Correspondents’ DinnerCupid's Pulse Article: Exes Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Don’t Speak at Correspondents’ Dinner

By Shannon Seibert

Jessica Simpson, 33, attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington D.C., as did her ex, Tony Romo. After their final split in 2009, both Simpson and Romo have found love, and started family roots. The singer and the Cowboy’s quarterback didn’t stage a reunion at the event, and were able to mingle comfortably without interacting with one another, according to

What are some ways to keep things civil between you and your ex?

Cupid’s Advice: 

There is nothing more uncomfortable than being caught in a social setting with your ex. There is awkward eye contact, weird feelings and an aura of tension in the air–and everyone notices. Sometimes the best way to be civil is to fake it till you make it, and be an adult about the situation:

1. Don’t speak poorly of your ex: This is someone who you were once an item with. Speaking ill of your past relationship with your ex, no matter how terrible the relationship may have been, reflects more poorly of you than it will your ex. If you are the one doing the bad-mouthing, it will only resonate as your personal level of maturity. Ex-shaming is a practice that must be stopped!

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2. Be polite but don’t overdo it: You want to be respectful, but you don’t want to seem fake about it. By going out of your way to say ‘Hello!’ or approaching them without warning could send the wrong signal about your intentions. If you do happen to run into each other, smile and ask how everything is going, but don’t press for details. The shallow conversation will keep the mood light, and there will be no room for disagreements to arise.

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3. Focus on you: This is the time where you can be your own person, without your name being attached to his. If people ask about your ex, quickly steer the subject to something positive you’re doing with your life. You don’t need to get caught up in what your ex is doing on social media, with someone else or anything else regarding his business because it isn’t yours anymore.

What are some ways you and your ex have kept things civil? Tell us in the comments below!