Cupid's Pulse Article: Bethenny Frankel Gives Emotional Testimony and Cries in Custody BattleCupid's Pulse Article: Bethenny Frankel Gives Emotional Testimony and Cries in Custody Battle

By Sanetra Richards

Bethenny Frankel opened up her heart on the court stand on Wednesday, May 28th. According to, the former Real Housewife and talk show host gave her testimony in a custody case with ex-husband Jason Hoppy, with whom she has a 4-year-old daughter with, Bryn. The couple split back in 2012 and it has been a bumpy road since. In her statement, the 43-year-old was very emotional and even broke down in tears throughout various portions. Frankel recalled on the time when she and Hoppy lived together because he was unwilling to leave: “Jason said to me, ‘Get ready, we are going to war. It’s over. We’re done,” Frankel remembered. “He would leave the house in shambles. There would be dishes everywhere. He would pee and poop and leave it in the toilets. He would hold Bryn, and he would say, “You’re finished, you’re done. I’m going to ruin you.” Frankel also told the court a specific instance when her ex-husband would ridicule her in front of their daughter. Frankel claimed Hoppy’s taunting happened numerous times in front of her daughter, and that he often tried to get the little girl to turn against her. “He would say, ‘Mommy should be Ursula the witch. She’s a great witch.  You be the princess, I’ll be the prince, Mommy will be the witch,’” said the Skinnygirl Dish author as the tears fell. An insider tells Us, “Bethenny is trying to just keep pushing forward. She’s in a good place right now.”

What are some ways to keep things civil with your ex for your children?

Cupid’s Pulse:

With every breakup or divorce that involves children, comes the decision to co-parent (or at least try to). However, before you and your ex can make that choice, there must be an agreement and understanding shared between the two of you. So, how exactly do you keep it civil for your child’s sake? Cupid has some tips to help:

1. Respect each other: Which basically means no bashing, especially not in your child’s presence, whatsoever. If you are habitually arguing in front of your child(ren), they will soon start to believe one parent is not fit – this could possibly lead to lashing out and ill behavior. On the other hand, if you and your ex are showing respect one another, your child will suspect nothing wrong.

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2. Come to terms: You and your ex should face that the separation is real and the chances of you all getting back together are slim to none. You both have turned the page and are now on new chapters. No matter the circumstance, those old feelings should not interfere with your parenting.

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3. Delete:  Let go of the anger and resentment. You must both remember, your separation was for the best. By staying together you were ultimately putting your child’s happiness was at stake. Think of yourselves as parents before exes.

How do you keep things civil with an ex when children are involved? Share your thoughts below.