Cupid's Pulse Article: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for First-Time MomsCupid's Pulse Article: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for First-Time Moms

By Louisa Gonzales

May 11th is Mother’s Day, the time to give a special and thoughtful gift to mom, and for first-time moms, the holiday is an extra special treat. If you know someone who is a new mom, whether she is your partner, friend, or sibling, you know how monumental this occasion is. New mothers go through a variety of emotions and experiences from relief to worry, joy to stress, tiredness to elation — all within the first year of being a mother. It’s important to show her how loved and cared for she is, and the right gift can go a long way.

However, finding a present that will show the mother how amazing, unique, appreciated, and special she is can be a challenge. That’s a lot to pack into one gift! Don’t stress though. The perfect idea is out there, and you will find it. To help in your search, here are five fun Mother’s Day gift ideas that will bring a smile of joy to any first-time mom’s face:

1. Spa date: Being a mother is an amazing experience, but it’s also a lot of hard work. This holiday, pamper the first-time mom by taking her on a weekend spa getaway. It’s one of the best gifts you can give. If you’re getting this gift for your main squeeze, go together and indulge in a couples massages and other romantic activities. If you’re getting it for your daughter, friend, or sibling, she’ll appreciate a day of reviving facial masks, mud baths, and other spa treatments. The brand new mother deserves a day of relaxation, a break, and a reminder that all of her hard work is appreciated.

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2. Beauty products: These are always cool picks for Mother’s Day because they’re something every woman loves. Figure out what beauty products she has been eyeing or what her favorite items are, whether it’s her go-to moisturizer, a colorful makeup set, or fun hair accessories. There’s no way you can go wrong with bringing a little beauty into the mother’s life.

3. Presents for both the mom and the baby: There’s a lot of things that first-time moms need for their baby. New moms spend an enormous amount of time with their infant, so getting a gift for the baby will be a gift to them too. You can get the practical and necessary items, such as pacifiers, extra bottles, and, of course, clothes (you can never have too many!). If you are looking to splurge, there’s always a rocking chair, which every new mom will appreciate when they are trying to rock their baby to sleep. You can also get a stylish diaper bag for all of the baby’s must-haves.

4. Jewelry: You know what they say: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That motto really extends to all jewelry. Yes, it may be cliché, but a new necklace or bracelet is the perfect gift to show your love for the first-time mom. Jewlery is beautiful and will look ravishing, breathtaking, and stunning. Plus, there’s so many unique options — it doesn’t matter what it is; she’ll love it just because it’s coming from you!

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5. Sweet treats and flowers: This is the number one go-to gift when all else fails. No matter what anyone says, some good chocolate and a nice bouquet of flowers can make her day! To make this somewhat simple gift mean much more, create something unique and special to her tastes. You can build a bouquet of her favorite flowers or pick buds that mean something special (every flower has a different meaning, you know). Along with the bouquet, bake her favorite cake or pick up some yummy cupcakes. The mom will instantly be reminded of just how well you know her.

What’s your best gift idea for first-time moms? Tell us in the comments below!