Cupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Date While You’re MarriedCupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Date While You’re Married

By Shannon Seibert

You heard right: Date while you’re married — your significant other, that is! In this day and age, it’s too easy to fall prey to life’s whirlwind and neglect your marriage. Keep your love alive by capturing your partner’s attention using all of your old tricks with a new flavor. We’ve gathered these five articles from our partners to help you and your man fall even deeper in love with each other:

1. Flatter with flirting: Recharge the passion between you and your honey with something as simple as batting your eyelashes. The silent power of seduction never waivers. Stolen glances, a lingering touch on the arm, or flirty banter work just as well as they did when you first started dating. Your man will feel even more confident about your marriage when you remind him of your passion. (

2. Have secrets: It’s not good to have secrets from each other, but secrets you have together will only improve your love. Having parts of your marriage that you don’t broadcast to the public will allow you two to bond over something that is yours and yours alone. Take a look at how the limelight impacted the Cassidy family, one of the families featured on Lifetime’s Preachers’ Daughters. (

3. Be lovers again: It can be difficult to make “us” time when you have children together. After having kids, a lot of couples struggle with igniting chemistry in the bedroom. It’s especially easy for new parents — who have had their world uprooted by a being no bigger than a shoebox — to get distracted by life’s miracles and forget about the miracle that is their love. Check out this article for tips on how to keep the fire burning. (

4. Don’t let distance get in the way: With new technologies, long-distance dating is even possible for married couples. If you or your man have a a job requiring a lot of travel, don’t panic! Your hubby can still be involved in your marriage when he’s away. The distance can even strengthen your marriage by focusing on the feelings you have for one another when you’re separated and when you’re together. (

5. Learn something new: Marriage has taken the both of you out of the dating game for a while, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t engage in a little learning. Reel in your husband’s undivided attention with these modern dating tips from a man’s perspective and try them out with your love. (

How do you keep the love alive after marriage? Tell us in the comments below!