Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Split After Two YearsCupid's Pulse Article: Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Split After Two Years

By Sanetra Richards

Prince Harry is back on the market! According to, after a two year relationship, the Prince and girlfriend Cressida Bonas have separated . . . for now. “They’re off, but I don’t think it’s for good,” said a source to Us. “They hit a rocky patch and this decision is the result of that. Harry is the type to want to take breathers and then try again.” A Kensington Palace spokesman went on to say, “We never comment on private lives.” The pair met when Prince Harry’s cousin Princess Eugenie of York, also the 25-year-old socialite’s friend, introduced the two and they hit it off by July 2012. Despite the breakup, the two have remained friends: “It’s very sad that they have decided to split. It’s very amicable, but they have decided to go their separate ways,” says a Bonas family source.

What are some ways to keep your split amicable?

Cupid’s Advice:

Many former couples have a theory that there is no possibly way to end a relationship and be somewhat friendly to one another. It is far from easy! Subtract the hard feelings, irreconcilable differences, and that specific mentality and you will have the answer to keeping the breakup cordial. Cupid has a few tips to help you and your ex even things out and remain pleasant:

1. No harboring: Do not hold on to all of the negative things that happened in your relationship. You cannot expect to make progress individually and as an ex-couple if the past is constantly taunting you. Remember, heartbreak and anger is not a part of your closet’s wardrobe!

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2. Come to terms: There was a specific reason(s) why the relationship ended. Facing and accepting the breakup is a major factor when it comes to being able to keep things under wraps and the split amicable. Realize your ex may be moving on with their life, and you should do the same. Same book, new chapter!

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3. Keep calm: Have complete control of your emotions. Avoid the random lashing out moments to your ex. This will prevent any chaos in your attempt to keep the (former) relationship on a good note.

How do you keep a split amicable? Share your suggestions below.