Cupid's Pulse Article: George Clooney’s Family Is ‘Thrilled’ About Engagement to Amal AlamuddinCupid's Pulse Article: George Clooney’s Family Is ‘Thrilled’ About Engagement to Amal Alamuddin

By Louisa Gonzales

George Clooney and girlfriend Amal Alamuddin are getting married! According to, not only is Alamuddin becoming a part of the Clooney family, she’s being welcomed with open arms. Clooney, 52, recently was confirmed on Saturday to have proposed to his lawyer girlfriend, 36. Reportedly the actor heartthrob’s father, Nick Clooney, is “thrilled” about the news and think Alamuddin is a “wonderful young woman” and George’s mother shares the same sentiment. Congratulations to the happy couple!

What do you do if your family isn’t supportive of your engagement?

Cupid’s Advice:

Getting engaged is an exciting time in your relationship and is cause for a celebration. However, it can be hard to enjoy or even celebrate when everyone you love doesn’t support your relationship or the engagement. Cupid has some advice on what to do if your family isn’t supportive of your engagement.

1.Ask them to give another chance: There’s nothing wrong with asking your family to give your beau another chance. Perhaps their first meeting or interaction happened under bad circumstances, so try arranging for you, your significant other and your family to get together under better settings. If the people you love truly care about your happiness they should be willing to do whatever necessary to see that you will be happy.

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2. Be patient: Maybe your family doesn’t agree with your engagement right now, but maybe they will over time. Every relationship takes time to build, that includes your lover’s relationship with your family, so let things develop on their own gradually as time passes. If you try to force a relationship between your love and family it will put too much pressure on you and them and it may seem like you’re trying to hard to prove your relationship.

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3.Share your love with the family: You don’t have to dish out all the private and intimate details about your love life, but it won’t hurt sharing little things about it. If your family can get a glimpse of the two of your’s love for each other, it will help them better understand why the relationship works. So, try next time you are together with your family sharing all the ways your honey make you happy or tell them stories about some of the fun things you’ve done.

What do you think you should do when your family isn’t supportive of your engagement? Share in the comments below.