Cupid's Pulse Article: Tori Spelling Is Hospitalized Amidst Marriage TroublesCupid's Pulse Article: Tori Spelling Is Hospitalized Amidst Marriage Troubles

By Louisa Gonzales

Tori Spelling has been hospitalized, according to It seems the pressure on the mother of four, her marriage and the show has finally taken its toll on her. The 90210 alum, 40, has been letting the world see all her relationship problems with husband Dean McDermott, who recently was revealed to have had an affair with 28-year-old Emily Goodhand, on her Lifetime reality series True Tori. The show follows the couple as they try to work on salvaging what’s left of their relationship, but with Spelling shouting how her partner is never going to be, “happy with just me” it seems there is still troubles in the water for the pair.

How do you support your partner mid-split?

Cupid’s Advice:

When your relationship is dissolving it can be some of the hardest points in your life. Towards the end of your romantic relationship it can be hard to not hold resentment towards your partner or to not put the blame on the failing relationship on them, or to even still show your support towards them. Cupid has some advice on how you support your partner mid-split.

1. Still be there for them: Nothing shows your support like simply being there for someone. Everyone wants someone to be there for them when they’re down, need support or someone to relay on and you can still at least try and be that person. Whatever kind of relationship you have with your significant other, even if it could possible be the end, it’s still good to be able show that you care about them.

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2. Keep up with your communication: Being in a relationship means having someone you can talk or confide in with. Even if your relationship is currently having problems, it’s still okay to talk with your partner about each other’s troubles. If you keep communicating you have a better chance at staying on good terms even if you break up or possibly fixing things.

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3. Continue to work on things: Showing support towards someone can come in different shapes and forms. One way you can still show your support towards your partner mid-split is to still put some effort into your relationship. Remember you are both going through a similar thing here and whether your couple status changes from in a relationship to not in a relationship, it’s important to still be respectful and mindful of one another’s feelings.

How would you support your partner mid-split? Share in the comments below.