Cupid's Pulse Article: Juan Pablo Galavis Proposes a Career Change for Nikki FerrellCupid's Pulse Article: Juan Pablo Galavis Proposes a Career Change for Nikki Ferrell

By Sanetra Richards

First comes love, and then comes . . . a career change? That seems to be what Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis is asking of girlfriend and season 18 winner Nikki Ferrell. According to, the 32-year-old professional soccer player wants the 26-year-old to use the spotlight to her advantage. “He wants Nikki to work as a model or TV personality in Miami,” says a friend of Galavis. Although it is a tempting proposition, the pediatric nurse does not have any plans on leaving her current field of work. “She loves her job,” adds the source.

What do you do if your partner is becoming too controlling?

Cupid’s Advice:

Loving someone for who they are is part of being in a relationship and sometimes you may brush a few things under the rug because you are accepting who they are. Nevertheless, there is one specific behavior you cannot ignore — controlling. Cupid has some tips on how to handle a controlling partner:

1. Take notice: There was a point in time when you may have thought your partner ordering food for you at a restaurant was a sign of him or her knowing what you like, or maybe you thought it was adorable when they picked out certain outfits (on a daily basis) for you to wear. However, the reasoning behind these “kind” actions soon become clear and you realize it is the need of control your partner must have. Do not overlook these signs. Instead, stand on your own two and let your significant other know you can handle your own. Or maybe even turn the tables onto him or her. Show them what it is like to constantly have their order placed before they have the chance to speak, or tell them what and what not to wear (yes, you should definitely take it to this level).  As conniving as it may seem, your primary goal is getting your point across, thoroughly.

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2. Communicate: Talk with your partner about any problems that have stemmed from their controlling behavior. Chances are they do not realize they are being officious. Take into mind their feelings before lashing out. Speak in calm manner that is not rooted by anger or frustration. You may even find a reason as to why they are obsessively controlling.

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3. Work with your partner: Give them a few tries to adapt to actually not being controlling. If they begin to do something that resembles the behavior, stop them. You may have to repeat this quite often until they get it right. It requires you to be patient and understanding — your significant other may have a very dominant personality and is willing to ease that for the sake of your relationship.

What are some ways to deal with a controlling partner? Share your thoughts below.