Cupid's Pulse Article: Johnny Weir’s Estranged Husband Blames ‘Meddling’ Mother-in-LawCupid's Pulse Article: Johnny Weir’s Estranged Husband Blames ‘Meddling’ Mother-in-Law

By Sanetra Richards

If it is not one thing, it is definitely another for Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov. According to, there is no reconciling happening between the estranged couple: “The divorce is 100 percent still happening,” says Weir to Us, “Johnny’s meddling mother [Pamela] was definitely the source of the breakdown of our marriage.” A source close to the couple also added that the famed figure skater is indeed “heartbroken” from the separation and wants to “live his life” and continue forth. “Victor is doing okay,” the insider went onto say. “Victor and Johnny spoke two days ago. When this first started, Victor didn’t think it was really over. Victor was duped, and now he feels like an idiot.”

What do you do if your partner’s parent is interfering in your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having your partner’s parent constantly making their way into your relationship is nothing short of a headache. Whether your significant other realizes it or not, this interference is just a set up for trouble and possible failure. Do not fret, Cupid has some tips to help if you are in this situation:

1. Talk with your partner: The first thing you want to do is let your love know you are uncomfortable with their parent being a part of your relationship. There is a possibility your partner will be a bit defensive because it is their parent, but as long as you express your genuine concern, their guard will ease down and they will begin to understand what you are saying. Maybe suggest they speak with their parent as well.

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2. Inform the parent: Invite the interferer over or spend some one-on-one time with them. Start off with a soft conversation. Why is this? Well, if you jump right into telling them they need to quit butting into your relationship, they will without a doubt be offended. Once things are comfortable between the two of you, then it is acceptable to break the good/bad news. Of course they will pretend to be unaware of their actions, but thoroughly explain their behavior (with examples).

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3. Issue boundaries: If there are no limits set up, the interference will only continue and worsen. Let your partner and their parent know that there are going to be some changes made between all of you. Your partner must stop telling his or her parent everything that happens between the two of you. Their parent must stop feeling entitled to know every detail and want to be involved all of the time.

What are some steps to take if your partner’s parent is interfering in your relationship? Share your suggestions below.