Cupid's Pulse Article: Bill Rancic Talks About Being a Dad: “Family Always Comes First”Cupid's Pulse Article: Bill Rancic Talks About Being a Dad: “Family Always Comes First”

By Maria Darbenzio

As if he’s not busy enough, Bill Rancic, star of Giuliana & Bill, will be hosting an upcoming Food Network show premiering on Monday, April 7th at 9 pm EST/PST. Kitchen Casino will put four chefs into a high-stakes game of chance that requires impressive skills to come out on top. Celebrity Baby Scoop talked with Rancic about fatherhood and how date nights and family vacations are an important part of his relationship with his wife and son.

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CBS: You and Giuliana have busy careers. How do you make family a priority? What kinds of things do you enjoy doing as a family?

BR: “Family always comes first for Giuliana and myself, and we make sure to constantly work our schedules to ensure that never changes. We are constantly going on hikes and spending time with Duke. We make a point to have date nights, and we believe that, because of our hard work, we are fortunate enough to enjoy family vacations and that quality time together.”

CBS: Mother’s Day is approaching. How do you plan to celebrate?

BR: “Moms are so important in my life. My mom continues to be a huge influence, as does Giuliana’s. And now that we have Duke, I love celebrating what a great mom my wife is to our son. I’m sure we’ll do something to celebrate our family and how blessed we all are.”

CBS: How has being a parent changed your relationship with Giuliana?

BR: “Giuliana and I have similar parenting styles on the big stuff, but lots of different opinions on the little stuff. It’s made us even better communicators with one another, and we’ve learned to make compromises along the way. Giuliana is such a great mother, and her bond with Duke is one of my favorite things to watch every day.”

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CBS: How has fatherhood changed you? What are some of your favorite memories so far as a dad?

BR: “I have nieces and nephews, but nothing really prepared me for being a dad myself. Because of Duke, I love the little things even more – a quiet moment, his smile, his first steps. Everything in life matters more because of him.”

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