Cupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Garner Says She and Ben Affleck Make Lives Work in ‘Boring Way’Cupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Garner Says She and Ben Affleck Make Lives Work in ‘Boring Way’

By Sanetra Richards

Ben and Jen have proved themselves to be a normal married couple, despite the title of “celebrity.” According to, the actress talked about the busy life her and husband Ben Affleck lead, but how they manage to balance it all: “I’m pretty selective [over roles],” Garner shared with reporters at the premiere of Draft Day on Monday, April 7th. “Everything that comes my way — the first thing we do is talk schedule, location,” she said. “I sit down with a calendar with my husband and in a very boring way, detail every single week…. and what’s possible and if it can work out or not.”

How do you keep your relationship stable and strong?

Cupid’s Advice:

A relationship is similar to a full-time job: you constantly have to put in the work and not become lazy, or else the job’s primary goal will not be done properly. Being able to progress with your significant other is all about whether or not the partnership is stable and strong enough. Cupid has a few tips on how to keep these aspects between you and your honey:

1. Listen to each other: It is perfectly OK to just sit back and hear what your partner has to say . . . and then pitch in your suggestions or ideas. Beware of letting it go in one ear and out of the other — actually take in what they have to say and vice versa. Your partner will feel more at ease to come to you with any problems or issues they may find themselves running into.

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2. Be supportive: Constantly speak words of encouragement. It will give them (and you) that extra boost. If your partner has a huge project coming up and he or she is nearly pulling their hair out, be there to calm them and cheer them on. Consistently doing little things like this will make a ton of a difference in your relationship.

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3. Address problems: You may think some issues are not worth talking about . . . WRONG! Be honest with your partner on what is bothering you or what is possibly setting the relationship back. Respectfully talk it out and hear each other’s side. Then figure out a solution and act on it, as a team.

What are other ways to keep your relationship strong and stable? Share your suggestions below.