Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Parents Who Splurge On Their KidsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Parents Who Splurge On Their Kids

By Brittany Stubbs

All the fame and fortune celebrities receive brings some serious benefits, especially for their children! The stars’ offspring may be getting followed around by paparazzi, but they’re definitely not suffering when it comes to their birthday parties, wardrobes, or weekend fun. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite celebrity parents who splurge on their kids:

Beyonce and Jay Z

Some little girls ask for a pony on their birthday. But if you’re the daughter of these stars, you’ll get the whole zoo! Beyonce and Jay Z helped Blue Ivy celebrate turning 2 by renting out the Miami Zoo. Between exploring Jungle Island, the wildlife park and botanical garden, there was no way this birthday girl wasn’t feeling like a Princess! It makes one wonder, if this was just her 2nd birthday, what will her Sweet Sixteen be like?!

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Victoria and David Beckham

While all the Beckham’s children seem to live a luxurious life, their youngest daughter, Harper Beckham, has been making the headlines for her success most recently. Being named Most Stylish Celebrity Kid, it’s safe to say her parents have no problem splurging when it comes to Harper’s wardrobe. Not only is this fashionista familiar with numerous designers, but she’s sat first row at several of their fashion shows. I guess it pays off to have a mom like Victoria Beckham!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

This celebrity relationship might be long gone, but their daughter certainly isn’t suffering. From attending musicals and ice skating in New York City, to private jet rides to Paris, Suri Cruise is living the good life thanks to her generous parents! The little princess was even spotted in courtside seats at the East Regional Final of the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament at Madison Square Garden. Just another day in the life for Ms. Suri!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

It’s a sweet life when you’re the daughter of a reality star and a rapper. North West is not only known to be rocking a designer wardrobe before she can rock, but a luxury car before she can drive! The loving parents surprised their sweetheart with a mini Lamborghini to match the ride Kanye drives. Talk about daddy’s little girl!

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

These celebrities might be be going through a rocky time in their marriage, but they never fail to make sure their little ones feel special. Tori and Dean are notorious for throwing luxury birthday parties for their children. Most recently, they celebrated their twins 2nd birthday by renting out Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark and throwing a lavish cowboy-themed party. Hattie and Finn were decked out in cowboy and cowgirl attire and each had their own two tiered Hansen cakes. Not only did the stars splurge on gifts for their twins, but put together amazing goodie bags for the children’s friends, including Big Hugs Elmos.

What are some ways you make your kids feel special?