Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Mad Men’ Star Kevin Rahm Is Expecting a Baby Girl with WifeCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Mad Men’ Star Kevin Rahm Is Expecting a Baby Girl with Wife

By Louisa Gonzales

‘Med Men’ star, Kevin Rahm wife is pregnant. According to, Rahm and former ‘Housewives’ star Amy Lonkar are expecting their first child together, a baby girl to be exact. The daddy-to-be  shared the news on his twitter on April 5, in the form of photo that read, “Amy Rahm ‘The Surgeon’ and Kevin Rahm ‘The Actor’ Starring together in It’s a Girl! Coming this September.” The couple got married back in April 2012 and are both “excited” and  “terrified” about the news.

How do you prepare your relationship for a first child?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having a baby can be a happy time for you and your partners relationship, but it can also be hard, stressful and at times challenging, especially if it’s your first child. Just think of having a baby together as just another journey or adventure in you relationship.Cupid has some advice on how to prepare your relationship for a first child:

1. Read up and research all you can: There is no secure way to foretell and predict all the changes that will happen in your relationship, from pregnancy, so all you can do is prepare. The best way to make your way into the known, is to talk to others who have experienced having a kids before friends or family, read baby books or attends classes, etc. Even though everyone’s experience can be different receiving advice from others can be helpful.

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2.Keep in mind things will change: There are a lot of things first time parents will discover about each other, kids and their relationship through the journey of having kids. Life is constantly changing and the only way sometimes to keep going forward is to accept the change. So, with all the changes be prepared to be patient with one another, review your relationship and to learn and discover new things about each other.

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3. Plan things out beforehand: To prevent any drama or unnecessary arguments that will come with having a baby, talk or plan everything out beforehand. With a baby, like with any new member added in to your family comes new discoveries, problems and challenges. The only way to make changes for your new little person added into your family you have to be willing too, and the best way to do that is to make decisions as a couple.

What do you think are good ways to prepare your relationship for your first child? Share your tips below.