Cupid's Pulse Article: Haylie Duff Is Engaged to Boyfriend Matt RosenbergCupid's Pulse Article: Haylie Duff Is Engaged to Boyfriend Matt Rosenberg

By Sanetra Richards

‘Tis the season for wedding bells! Actress and singer Haylie Duff announced her engagement to boyfriend Matt Rosenburg on Thursday, April 3rd. According to, the 29-year-old posted an Instagram photo of the two smiling and her showing off her nice sized rock, with the caption reading, “The future Mrs. Rosenburg #Love @mr_sts.” She went onto share the news with her food blog’s fans: “This week has seriously just become the best week of my life! As if announcing The Real Girl’s Kitchen tv show wasn’t enough, Matt just took me by total surprise and proposed…on April Fool’s Day of all days! The moment was genuine and sweet (like him!) and I couldn’t wait to say yes!”

What are three unique proposal ideas?

Cupid’s Advice:

Planning a wedding proposal is far from an easy task. Just like the wedding, it takes preparation (and lots of meditation). You have to strategically map out every single detail, from who is going to be involved, where it is going to be, and what day! Not to mention, you have to keep it a secret. Before you can worry about all of this, thinking of how you want to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage is most important. Cupid has a few cute ideas to make things a little bit easier:

1. The museum: Ask your local museum if you could place an enlarged framed photo of you and your partner in the photography section with the proposal as the caption. Take your significant other to the city’s museum for what will seem to be a regular date. Look at the various pieces and critique each, as usual. Once you get to your ‘proposal piece,’ wait for his or her reaction as they read the picture’s caption.

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2. Write ‘note’ cards: Send or leave your love sweet note cards throughout the day, whether it is of a favorite quote or a reminder of their beauty. Do about five to ten cards. On the final one, ask for their hand. Priceless moment!

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3. Deliver it in the mailbox:  Make sure your significant other is the one to check the mail the day you want to propose. Set the ring in the mailbox beforehand. Watch him or her as they open the mailbox to see the box among the other envelopes. Voilà! Here is your chance to propose.

Do you have any unique proposal ideas? Share your thoughts below.