Cupid's Pulse Article: What’s Your Sign? Get Gel Nails With NaiLuv At-Home Professional Gel Kit & Zodiac CollectionCupid's Pulse Article: What’s Your Sign? Get Gel Nails With NaiLuv At-Home Professional Gel Kit & Zodiac Collection

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By Liz Kim

Think that you can get fabulous gel nails only at the salon? Think again! and NaiLuv have teamed up to bring you the ultimate gel nail giveaway. With their easy-to-use Gel Nail Polish 9-Piece Complete Kit and their Zodiac Collection of 12 colors, you’ll have fabulous and long-lasting gel nails all year-round.

Gel polish has been a beauty buzzword for quite some time now — and for good reason. It’s a safer alternative to acrylics because, even when the gel polish is removed, your nails are left stronger and harder than with acrylics, which can leave nails feeling thin and brittle. Gel polishes are created to stay on longer and don’t wear off or dent as easily as regular manicures. You’re also left with a shiny and smoother looking manicure.

But gel nails can be on the pricey end, especially if you regularly go to the salon. With NaiLuv’s kit, you’ll save money without having to sacrifice beautiful nails. If you’re the type that loves to have a new nail color with every outfit, these products give you the polished look of painted nails without the commitment to a color.

The Gel Nails Starter Kit includes all of the essentials to achieve a perfect manicure at home, including: a four-watt Battery Powered LED lamp, NaiLuv gel polish “Homebody Not” (15 mL), dual purpose base/top coat (15 mL), bonder (15 mL), cleanser (60 mL), remover (60 mL), cuticle stick, and nail file. The directions couldn’t be simpler! Prep your nails with the cuticle stick and buffer. Then, apply a thin layer of the bonder, followed by the “Homebody Not” polish. Place your nails under the LED light. Add the topcoat and place your nails under the LED light again. You’ll have a salon-worthy manicure that won’t smudge or dull in just about 10 minutes.

If you’re into astrology, you can share your sign with your nails! Along with the at-home gel kit, NaiLuv is also giving away their Zodiac Collection polish set. The 12 shades are heavily pigmented and guaranteed to satisfy even the most stubborn of Tauruses. NaiLuv’s polishes last for up to two weeks, and with such smooth application, you won’t have to worry about bubbling, inconsistent drying, or runniness.

After a long winter of gloves and hands stuffed into coat pockets, it’s time for you to show off your nails and welcome summer with bright, beautiful gel manicures. With NaiLuv, achieving a professional look is as easy as 1-2-3!

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