Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Cheaters’ Detective Daniel Gomez Says, “Cheating Doesn’t Discriminate Against Anyone”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Cheaters’ Detective Daniel Gomez Says, “Cheating Doesn’t Discriminate Against Anyone”

By Brittany Stubbs

Although infidelity is no longer classified as a criminal act, the consequences of cheating can ruin marriages, families, and lives. For 14 seasons, the reality TV show Cheaters has invited viewers to watch real relationships and love unravel as private investigators are hired to help spouses catch their partners cheating. Having served 16 years as the Chief Detective on the show, Daniel Gomez has a lot of knowledge when it comes to infidelity.

Celebrity Interview with Reality TV Star Daniel Gomez

Not all of Gomez’s wisdom comes from his experience in the field though. The tough detective from Texas began our celebrity interview by sharing how infidelity has influenced his personal life: “I’ve been a victim of cheating. It’s more common than you think, and you can’t always judge a book by its cover. So after going through it myself, I realized there was something I could do to help others who may be experiencing a similar pain.”

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While hiring a private detective is helpful in determining if your partner is cheating, it doesn’t always take a professional to notice some of the clues of infidelity. There are many signs that Gomez encourages victims to look out for in his book Play to Win, but here are the five main ones.

– You have difficulty reaching your partner.

– Your partner is paying more attention to his or her appearance.

– Your significant other is preoccupied and less attentive.

– They’re working overtimes or out of town on business trips.

– You experience decreased sexual activity, intimacy, and affection from your partner.

After noticing one or more of these signs, many people make the mistake of immediately confronting their partner of their suspicions. While this approach may seem tempting, the detective believes there are a few questions you must ask yourself. First, you must determine how you define cheating. “Definitions of cheating vary,” he explains. “I’ll have one client tell me that, unless they’re caught having sex with someone else, it’s not cheating. And then I’ll have another client decide that if they’re sending or receiving consistent messages from the opposite sex, they consider that cheating.”

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After figuring out what behaviors are considered unfaithful, you must decide how much evidence of your partner cheating that it’ll take to satisfy you. “I always ask my clients how much they want to know.” While some victims are only seeking one action to determine they’ve been betrayed, others aren’t satisfied until they’ve obtained every last detail.

Once you have gathered everything you need to build your case, it’s time to make the decision: Will you stay, or will you go? “The question is simple; it’s the answer that becomes challenging,” Gomez says in our celebrity interview. No matter how many apologies and excuses your partner makes, only you can choose what’s best for you.

Cheaters Detective Talks Celebrity Infidelity and Scandals

The author believes it’s important for everyone to remember that “cheating doesn’t discriminate against anyone.” No matter who you are, how much money you make, or what you look like, you can be affected by this vicious game, so don’t be naive. We’re reminded of this truth every time the media alerts us of another celebrity couple’s relationship that has been rocked by infidelity. Although it seems surprising that such high-profile people still risk everything by cheating, Gomez reminds us, “Celebrities are human beings just like everyone else.”

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He says that Arnold Schwarzenegger first comes to mind when asked what celebrity infidelity society can learn from. “He cheated and had a child with his nanny, which shows that it doesn’t always take someone necessarily attractive to make a person cheat on their spouse.” The Tiger Woods case — one of the biggest celebrity scandals in the world of professional sports — is another classic case because it was all confirmed by his wife simply doing some digging on his cell phone.

In the end, while every relationship and love is different, you must remember to always stay in control and protect yourself when dealing with a cheating partner.

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