Cupid's Pulse Article: Lorde’s Boyfriend James Lowe Says He ‘Couldn’t Be Prouder’Cupid's Pulse Article: Lorde’s Boyfriend James Lowe Says He ‘Couldn’t Be Prouder’

By Sanetra Richards

Lorde and boyfriend James Lowe are making it known that they are on each other’s team. Through all of the negative comments and criticism towards their relationship, the 17-year-old singer and 24-year-old photographer have seemed to be unbothered by it all and remained mute — not anymore. According to, the pop star’s beau posted a blog about dating the “Royals” songstress: “I’ve written, deleted, re-written, and deleted this post at least five times over the past few months, wondering when would be an appropriate time to start writing again,” he says. “Since originally sitting down to write this post, Ella (Lorde) has become a two-time Grammy winner. She has taken home a Brit too,” he gushes. “Currently she is on the opposite side of the world on tour. As much as I miss her, I couldn’t be prouder of what she has achieved so far.”

As mentioned previously, the couple has been exposed to many counts of cyber bulling. Lowe addresses this, saying the negative side is “only a small part” of his world. He continues to say, “There is a bright, shining silver lining to this thing I’ve been exposed to. I’ve been able to tell tales of the many amazing people I’ve met along the way — from fellow photographers, to artists I’ve always admired and never thought I’d get to meet, let alone have a simple thing like coffee with.”

How do you show your appreciation for your partner’s accomplishments?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your partner’s hard work has paid off and he or she has achieved all of their goals and you want to show him/her that you are beyond proud but do not quite know how. Cupid is here to help:

1. Say it: One of the simplest ways to let your significant other know you appreciate all of their dedication is to give a verbal compliment. Believe it or not, an “I’m proud of you” actually goes a long way. Boost their ego and confidence a little more and give a reason(s) why you are so proud of them. Maybe even leave a sticky note somewhere expressing your gratitude.

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2. Share interest: Listen to your partner’s endless stories about their everlasting passions, latest projects, or next big dream and ask questions. Do not be opposed to engaging in conversations about these topics at random times (when you all are out shopping or doing yard work, etc) — it will blow his/her mind that you actually remembered.

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3. Be a fan: Let them know they are capable of doing anything. May seem extremely clichéd, but your honey will love every second of it. Everyone needs a support system, be your partner’s. Encouraging with enthusiasm is a part of the job!

What are some other ways to let your partner know their work is appreciated?