Cupid's Pulse Article: Johnny Weir and Ex Victor Voronov Fight Over Family DogCupid's Pulse Article: Johnny Weir and Ex Victor Voronov Fight Over Family Dog

By Louisa Gonzales

Johnny Weir and soon-to-be ex-husband Victor Voronov recently settled their custody battle over their  family dog. According to TMZ, during their divorce proceedings, Voronov filed papers to request that their dog Tëma be returned to him. The Olympic figure skater believed that the dog rightfully belongs with him because he was allegedly a “make-up gift.” He says he was also the one who trained and took care of the dog. For now, they have agreed to joint custody. Additionally, Voronov is seeking financial support from Weir because, according to his attorney, he gave up everything to be with him, including his career.

How do you compromise during a breakup when you’re upset?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes, without warning, relationships fizzle out, and no matter what, it’s never easy. Cupid has some advice on how you can make compromises during a breakup, even when you’re upset.

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1. Be reasonable: Keep in mind that you’re both going through the split, so you’re both experiencing a rough and difficult time. Clear you head and try to keep calm before you start dividing up your shared assets. It’s best to go into a difficult situation with a sensible mind because it will make things run more smoothly and help make the breakup easier.

2. Ask yourself what’s really best for you: As you make major decisions, ask yourself what you really want. If you’re only doing certain things because you want to hurt your ex, know that it’ll only make you feel better temporarily. In the long run, remember what is truly important to you. Do you want to move on and find happiness with someone new or continue arguing over the past?

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3. Be fair: The only way to get through the end of your relationship as smoothly as possible and without any pointless fights is to be fair. You both know it’s over, so why make things more difficult for by being unreasonable? Really think about who deserves to get what. Don’t be that person who plays dirty or fights unfairly.

How do you make compromises during a breakup when you’re upset? Share your tips below.