Cupid's Pulse Article: Kaley Cuoco Gets a Wedding Date TattooCupid's Pulse Article: Kaley Cuoco Gets a Wedding Date Tattoo

By Louisa Gonzales

Lovebirds Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting continue to show off their love and commitment toward one another. The couple have had a whirl wind romance ever since they first met. Starting with them quickly dating and then soon after becoming engaged and even sooner married. According to  Cuoco, 28, recently showed off her new tattoo of her wedding date in between her shoulder blades in three rows of large Roman numerals, including the numbers that read, 12-31-13, at a charity tennis event in Calabasas, California on Saturday, March 22. The numbers tattooed on her back are the date of when the lovers said their vows to one another on New Year’s Eve last year in Southern California, just four months after getting engaged.

What are some ways to publicly show you love your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Love is a beautiful thing and sometimes when you are in love you want to shout it from the rooftops! Expressing and showing off your love doesn’t have to be a negative thing, it can be a good thing, especially when you really mean it. Cupid has some advice on ways to publicly show your love toward yours partner:

1.Show some PDA: Showing some public displays of affection every now then is not going to kill your relationship in fact it can make it stronger. Don’t be afraid to grab your partner’s hand when they’re feeling overwhelmed or give them a quick kiss to show you care, or pull them into a hug for reassurance. Love is both emotional and physical it’s important to have strong connections in both.

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2. Share with family and friends: It nice when you are able to share your love with family and friends. Hiding your relationship is fine in the beginning when you are unsure, but once you know it’s good to show are not ashamed of the relationship and are in fact proud to be in it. Once you’re in love, being able to be open about the relationship is a good sign toward your loved one and your significant other.

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3. Take them out to public places/events: Go out and take your love somewhere new and fun. It’s nice to share private moments with your love, but it can also be fun to go out and share your union with the world. Being able to take your sweetheart out shows you are secure and comfortable in your relationship to share it with others, even if they are strangers.

What do you think are good ways to publicly show you love your partner? Share in the comments below.