Cupid's Pulse Article: George Clooney and New Girlfriend Vacation in Luxury IslandsCupid's Pulse Article: George Clooney and New Girlfriend Vacation in Luxury Islands

By Sanetra Richards

George Clooney  took new girlfriend Amal Alamuddin ,36-year-old, to the luxury island of Seychelles, which is located close to Southeast Africa. According to, the two were spotted on March 13th sipping drinks while walking along the beach. However, this is not the first time Alamuddin and Clooney’s names have been mentioned together. In October, rumors began to circulate about the pair when they were seen in London. At the time, Clooney was dating model Monika Jakisic and considered Alamuddin “just a friend,” said a source to Us. From the looks of it, the duo could possibly be official. A source also revealed “he does like having her around.”

How can vacationing with a new partner solidify your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

The first vacation in your new relationship could be considered an important leap to take. It can go either two ways — absolutely terrible or all you have ever dreamed of. In this case, you would rather have the second one. Cupid has some ways on how a worthwhile vacation can strengthen your new or existing relationship:

1. Making decisions: Before you are able to actually take the romantic trip, planning has to be done. If it is a joint effort, the two of you have to come to an agreement on the destination, dates, etc. Whether you realize it or not, you and your new partner are actually testing the waters. If you both can come to a common ground without much of a disagreement, then this could be a sign of what your relationship will be like when it comes to mutual decision making.

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2. Good vibes & auras: A change of scenery and ample free time typically results in better moods, especially for those who experience hectic lifestyles back at home. You will be able to see your partner at his/her best, which will make the vacation pleasurable. Happy people equates to even happier times.

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3. Intimacy: A one-on-one vacation cuts you off from all distractions, giving you time to specifically focus on each other and still managing to take in the surroundings. These moments could be spent doing various activities around the site or engaging in conversations that better your understanding of each other. After all, the vacation is there is take your mind off of everything else and to connect with your new love. Spark a flame!

What other ways can a vacation solidify a new relationship?