Cupid's Pulse Article: Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Celebrate 5-Year AnniversaryCupid's Pulse Article: Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Celebrate 5-Year Anniversary

By Louisa Gonzales

Mandy Moore and long-term partner Ryan Adams marked their fifth wedding anniversary with a huge celebration on Sunday with family and friends. The star posted pictures of the evening’s festivities on Instagram, with everyone looking lovely and in smiles. According to People, everyone who attended the party dressed up for the monumental occasion, with the guys wearing ’50s looks and the gals wearing party dresses along with fun accessories. Moore,29, herself sported a sombrero, while her good celebrity friend Minka Kelly wore a clown bow-tie. The fashionable couple got engaged back in 2009 and are now happily married. Moore even posted a photo of her marriage certificate the week before with a caption that read, “The best 5 years…”. Congrats to the married couple!

How do you make your wedding anniversary special?

Cupid’s Advice:

Marriage is a special thing that signifies a bond and love between two people. Once you’re married they are a lot of hardship, but also a lot of good times. When you love someone you want to make them feel special, loved and appreciated. This is even more important come your wedding anniversary. Cupid has some advice on how to make your wedding anniversary memorable:

1. Plan a celebration: What better way to celebrate your love and marriage with your lover than to plan something special like a celebration. ¬†Celebrating your anniversary doesn’t have to be a huge extravagant thing, it can be as big as a party filled with family and friends or as simple as a romantic evening in. The point is you are celebration the day you decided you wanted to be with your lover forever. However you plan to mark the special occasion is up to you, just make it memorable and perfect for the both of you.

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2.Take them someplace fun and exciting: Why not use you’re wedding anniversary as an excuse to go out and do something adventurous or fun? Your sweetheart will be sure to feel loved and appreciated when you take them some place they have always wanted to go, but never could before. Maybe, take them to a fancy new restaurant, or to the beach or travel some place special, it doesn’t matter. Sure, life can get busy or costs can get expensive, so make plans that work for the both of you, just keep in mind on what would make significant other the most surprised and happy.

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3. Get them an unforgettable gift: Nothing says, “I love you” like the perfect gift. When you’re working on the gift or thinking about what to get, try to consider what would truly show how much you understand your lover, after all no one probably knows your honey better than you.Maybe you can write them a card, filled with inspiring words or all the things you love about them. Or you can write a song for them, make them something special or buy a gift it doesn’t matter, just make sure it’s something that your honey will appreciate.

What are ways to make your wedding anniversary special? Share in the comments below.