Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Prevent Yourself from Rushing into a RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: How to Prevent Yourself from Rushing into a Relationship

By April Littleton

Rushing into a new relationship is never a good idea. You don’t know the person you’re dating well enough for a commitment, and you’ll just end up right back where you started shortly after attempting the new romance. Take a step back from the dating scene and reevaluate what you want out of a partner. Cupid has some advice:

1. Really think about your feelings: Before you put yourself into a new relationship, take some time to really think about what you want. Are your feelings for the person you’re interested in real, or are you just rushing into something new because you can’t stand the thought of being alone? Some individuals jump into one relationship after another because they’re not used to being by themselves.

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2. What you’re looking for: What are you looking for in a partner? Are you looking for someone who makes you laugh? How important is trust and honesty to you? How well do you really know your new significant other? In order to really get to know someone and their intentions, you need to take the necessary time to feel each other out. Don’t settle for anything less than what you want. So, if your new partner doesn’t fit the bill, there’s no need to be in a relationship with them.

3. Keep dating: Let the person you’re interested in know that you will continue to see other people, and they should do the same. Be direct about what you want. If your new honey was hoping for something a little more exclusive, then make what you want out of a serious relationship clear before you commit. Until then, continue to get to know other people and have fun being single.

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4. Don’t worry: Don’t spend every waking minute thinking about dating. Instead of going out with a potential partner every Friday night, spend some time hanging out with your girls or family members. Now is the time to really enjoy some “you” time. Get comfortable in your own skin, and realize you don’t HAVE to be in a relationship with anyone until you’re fully ready. When the time is right, your epic love will be waiting for you around the corner.

5. Get to know yourself: Don’t lose sight of yourself. Take up some of your old hobbies, or pick up some new ones. Do things for yourself that don’t involve dating. Some individuals forget who they are while in a relationship. Don’t let that happen to you. Besides, independence is a turn-on.

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6. No future talk: Avoid talking about any future plans with your potential honey. There shouldn’t be any conversations about marriage, family, moving in together, etc. Take your relationship slow. Conversations about kids and long-term commitment might scare the other person off. Plus, you’re more than likely not ready for that kind of relationship anyway.

What are some other ways to prevent yourself from rushing into a relationship? Comment below.