Cupid's Pulse Article: Lauren Conrad Makes Time for Date NightCupid's Pulse Article: Lauren Conrad Makes Time for Date Night

By Sanetra Richards

Things seem to be going quite well for former Hills star Lauren Conrad. In the midst of her hectic businesswoman schedule, the 28-year-old still finds a way to pencil her fiancé, William Tell, in.  “It’s just like any other couple with full-time jobs,” Conrad explains of balancing career with romance. “You make date night and you have weekends, hopefully. Not [all] weekends, but some weekends. I’m really fortunate in that I get to do things that I love, so it doesn’t feel like work. I think if you’re doing something you love, it’s not a lot. You’re excited every day,” said Conrad in a recent interview with People. The newly engaged couple however prefers to spend their free time being the faces behind the entertainment. Conrad went on to say, “We haven’t been to a club together in a very, very long time, if ever. We probably entertain more than we go out, to be honest. I love just having a couple of people over for dinner. It’s easier for me. I don’t have to wear shoes. Everybody’s happy.”

How do you juggle a busy work schedule with your relationship?

 Cupid’s Advice:

Your work life and personal life have been clashing lately, and you are left with no clue of how to separate the two . . . or at least try to keep sane. Cupid has some advice to help out in this area:

1. Balance: Just as work requires a schedule, so does your relationship (with a tad bit more spontaneity). Set time aside for your partner throughout the week. Do things that the both of you enjoy. Date nights should be nothing less than enjoyable.

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2. Differentiate: Avoid constantly bringing conversations revolved around work into your relationship. And if so, share the positive things that are happening, such as a promotion or a good day. You may have had a bad, stressful day at work — do not let the stress linger onto your relationship by taking all of the frustrations out on your partner. He or she should have your undivided attention, which means work is not a part of that equation.

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3. Vacation: A getaway trip is what’s needed sometimes, whether that be with your significant other or not. Take time to gather all of your thoughts and regroup from that hectic work schedule. This will ease the tension in both your work environment and personal life.

What are some suggestions on how to juggle work and a relationship? Share your thoughts below.