Cupid's Pulse Article: Get Fit While You Work, Thanks to Gaiam’s Balance Ball ChairCupid's Pulse Article: Get Fit While You Work, Thanks to Gaiam’s Balance Ball Chair

This post is sponsored by Gaiam.

By Louisa Gonzales

Now that summer is almost here, being stuck at your desk during the week might feel like torture. Gaiam understands that it can be hard to find the time or space to exercise, so their fitness tools are all designed to work not just at the gym but at your own home or office too. To help you focus and get more out of your day, it’s time to invest in their Balance Ball Chair, which will easily allow you to incorporate fitness into your everyday routine and help you get ready for those weekends spent in your bathing suit.

It’s no secret that Americans spend a lot of time — eight to ten hours, to be exact — sitting at their desks, but thanks to the Balance Ball Chair, you can improve your body while you answer those e-mails, participate in conference calls, and meet your never-ending deadlines. The chair features a patented design that combines comfort and ergonomic back support. It’s also effective in strengthening your core muscles as well as improving your spinal alignment. So not only will this core workout improve your overall appearance (helping you feel even sexier for your man!), but it’ll make it easier for you to get through and perform everyday activities.

This workout tool comes with the amazing feature of a removable 52-centimeter Balance Ball that can be used for exercises on or off the chair. If you’re hoping to brighten up your office, the chair comes in different colors, including black, green, white, red, or purple.

You’ll soon notice a difference in your posture and abdominal muscles — and we bet your partner will too. The Balance Ball Chair is the perfect way to exercise while you work, and it’ll help you get bikini-ready this summer. As you continue your journey to a better body, think of each day as a new challenge for yourself to get stronger and healthier. Maybe you’ll even inspire your beau to get fit too!