Cupid's Pulse Article: Mary-Kate Olsen Is Engaged to Olivier SarkozyCupid's Pulse Article: Mary-Kate Olsen Is Engaged to Olivier Sarkozy

By Louisa Gonzales

Looks like Mary-Kate Olsen will soon be walking down the aisle. According to, Olsen is now engaged to her long-term boyfriend of roughly two years, French banker Oliver Sarkozy. The couple who first made their public debut back in 2012, have been going strong for years now and even live together in a $6.25 millon townhouse, despite their major age difference. Olsen is 27 while the half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, is 44. Sources reveal Olsen’s family is happy for them and “love” Sarkozy for her. The real question though is will twin sister Ashley, whose also dating an older man, be the maid of honor?

What are some things to consider when you’re dating an older man?

Cupid’s Advice:

Finding genuine love is hard and so is finding someone you connect with. Love can come in all shapes and forms. If you found love with someone older it doesn’t make your love any less important or significant. However, no matter who you are with there are going to be challenges. Cupid has some advice on things to consider when you’re in a relationship with an older man:

1. Does he have children: One of the biggest things to consider before getting involved with an older man is does he have kids? Kids aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but you will have to understand him having kids probably means he will want to devote a lot of time and attention to them. You need to ask yourself if you are okay and willing to become a part of an already established families life.

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2.He’s been around longer: Having a partner who is older, not only means they will most likely have more experience than you, buy also more baggage. Are you willing to accept everything that comes with them? You older beau might have an ex-wife, his own home,or may have already experienced things you haven’t yet. You might miss out on sharing certain “firsts” together, so ask yourself if you are okay with that.

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3. There’s a future: You need to ask yourself if you’re both want the same things in terms of a future. Both of you might be at similar points in your life now, but it might not always be that way. Like any relationship you’re hoping to build long-term, you need to have similar out look on life and there has to be a strong connection both physically and emotionally. With your lover being older will you still be attracted to him ten years from now or are you emotionally ready to be in a relationship with someone who is maybe more mature?

What are some things to think about when considering on being with an older man? Share your tips below.