Cupid's Pulse Article: Signs Your Crush Is Into YouCupid's Pulse Article: Signs Your Crush Is Into You

By April Littleton

You’re crushing hard on someone, but you’re not sure if they feel the same way about you. Could you be misreading the signs? Or does you future boo have the same feelings as you do? To help you out, Cupid came up with a few tips:

1. Attentive: You crush pays attention to you –  and only you. If you don’t see your potential honey showing interest in anyone else, then he might be ready to make things official with you. Think back on some of the conversations the two of you have had together. Does he show curiosity about your life? What kind of questions does he ask you? He’s into you if the two of you can discuss certain topics and situations on a deeper level.

2. His friends know about you: Your boo has told all of his friends about you. Most people don’t disclose information about their love life to close friends and family unless it’s getting serious. Also, your honey is dropping major hints if you actually meet some of the gang.

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3. Showers you with compliments: If your crush is constantly reminding you of how great you look, how funny you are, etc, he feels the same way you do. When a guy says something positive about you, he usually means it. Don’t over think it. Just thank him and believe what he says. After all, it’s rare to find someone who appreciates the little things about another person.

4. He’s around often: Wherever you are, your crush isn’t too far behind. Your guy is into you if he is constantly asking you out on dates. Does he check in on you via text when the two of you aren’t together? How often do you spend time with him? When your new man chooses to be around you even when he doesn’t have to be, that’s a sign he’s interested in taking the relationship a little further.

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5. Surprises: Most people don’t go out of there way to make someone smile unless they enjoy their company. If your crush surprises you with flowers or other sweet items, he’s trying to show you his feelings without actually saying the words.

6. Body language: How close do the two of you get in a private setting? Do you hold hands? Are the hugs he gives you merely platonic, or does the body contact feel a bit more intimate? You can tell a lot about how a person feels based on their body language. Don’t let a romantic opportunity pass you by because you’re missing the signs.

What are some other signs your crush is into you? Comment below.