Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Online Dating Rituals of the American Male’ Reality TV Star Marcus Pierce Says Being Yourself is Key to Finding a Relationship and LoveCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Online Dating Rituals of the American Male’ Reality TV Star Marcus Pierce Says Being Yourself is Key to Finding a Relationship and Love

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Louisa Gonzales and Whitney Johnson.

Marcus Pierce is no stranger to the online dating world, having been active on sites like OkCupid since 2006. The celebrity trainer and Artist Muse creative director also isn’t one to shy away from fun opportunities, so deciding to appear on the premiere episode of Bravo’s new reality TV show Online Dating Rituals of the American Male was an easy choice to make.

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Marcus Pierce Talks Reality TV and Online Dating

The Los Angeles resident feels like the docu-series came along at just “the right time in my life. I’m kind of at the point where I’ve run out of options. Plus, I’m so busy with work and everything else,” he explains in our exclusive celebrity interview. “And I’m always up for new experiences — especially when it has to do with a relationship and love. I feel like you can find it anywhere if you’re open to it.” Along these lines, Bachelorette fans may recognize Pierce from the second season of the show, where he was one of 25 contestants vying for Meredith Phillips’s heart.

Despite his personal beliefs, the handsome trainer understands the doubt surrounding online dating. In fact, he hasn’t always been on board with the concept. When he first joined the online dating scene, it was more of a “joke” to him. And he wasn’t the only one with that mindset: “Back then, I think people automatically assumed that, if you were online dating, you were desperate.”

Of course, his opinions have changed since then. “At the time, I was younger and wasn’t working as much as I am now. I had a lot more free time to actually go out and meet women. So, here we are, eight years later,” he says with a laugh. “Now that I’m busier, online dating just makes it easier for me to look for a relationship and love.”

So what can viewers expect when they tune into Online Dating Rituals of the American Male? Pierce assures fans that he’s always true to himself as he reveals “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of online dating. “I know who I am, and I know I have to be vulnerable, so I’m always just going to be Marcus,” he shares. “I’m a pretty loving guy. I’m very personable. I’m a communicator. No matter what I get from a girl, I’m still going to be me.”

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Bravo Star Shares Online Dating Advice

The reality TV star also hopes that the show will allow people to learn from his experiences. He wants to help both men and women gain a better understanding of online dating, especially when it comes to developing their profiles.”You need to put your best representation forward. You know everybody’s got their weirdness and their issues, but you don’t want to put that all out there!”

Continuing with this advice, Pierce encourages online daters to show off their best qualities in the beginning and not worry about how you think a potential match will perceive your profile. “Always put up your best pictures. Don’t put anything that’s unflattering about yourself; let somebody naturally find out those things about you when they take you on a date. You don’t need to lay it all out on the table. Include the things that will interest people and make them want to learn more about you.”

Just like in real life, online dating matches don’t always work out. Still, he doesn’t let himself get too affected by rejection — and he advises others to do the same. “Don’t think about what the other person is trying to get from you. Just be yourself, be vulnerable, and be open to love. And that person who truly belongs with you, who truly wants you for who you are, will find you.”

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While he’s dealt with heartbreak in the past, Pierce may be happily coupled up now. When asked if he was currently single, the reality TV star played coy. It looks like you’ll have to tune into the show to find out about his current relationship status!

You can follow Pierce onTwitter @thefitartist. Be sure to tune into the premiere of Online Dating Rituals of the American Male on Bravo this Sunday, March 9th, at 10/9c!