Cupid's Pulse Article: Gwen Stefani Welcomes Third Son with Husband Gavin RossdaleCupid's Pulse Article: Gwen Stefani Welcomes Third Son with Husband Gavin Rossdale

By Louisa Gonzales

Gwen Stefani’s kingdom just gained a new heir. The No Doubt singer and husband Gavin Rossdale, welcomed a new family member, a baby boy and their third son, on Friday, February 28, according to Rossdale was proud to announce the birth of his son, Apollow Bowie Flynn Rossdale, and even tweeted it to the world on Saturday, March 1. The proud papa also reveled how the child’s name was derived from his and Stefani’s mothers’ maiden names. The news of the baby gender was first announced back on January 17, in a tweet by the starlet, she joked in the tweet about being surrounding by boys and how she will remain the “queen of the house”. Congratulations to the happy couple.

How do you prepare for a third child versus your first and second?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having children is a beautiful thing and for many couples a great new adventure in their relationship. Having children is great, but it can be hard, especially when you already have a couple of kids under your belt. You’ve already done your research on pregnancy and have experience with kids, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still new things for you to learn or prepare for. Cupid has some advice on how to prepare for a third child:

1. Prepare for change: With the birth of your third child, change will come for your whole families dynamic. You can still learn about all the ways it can change and prepare for it by doing research, read up on how it will affect your other two children and your relationship. Each child needs attention and you’ll need to figure out how your going to divide the time up between them. Also don’t forget about each other, couples need time to spend together to keep their bond and love strong.

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2.Let your kids know: Help your kids understand there’s going to be a new addition to the family soon. The third child arrives in to an already established family with pre-formed relationships. There will be power struggles between your kids, but you can help ease the change of gaining a new family member, by casually mentioning it from time to time. Both you and your partner can try mentioning it at dinner or at the park when you see other families, you could say, “soon our family” will grow.

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3. Discuss and make plans together: Before the third child arrives you need to set up a game plan of how things are going to run. You may already have baby things from your previous kids, but you will most likely need some new things, especially if you don’t want to let the third child feel less important than the others by only getting handy downs. Money issues and work schedules will also need to be discussed, and you’ll need to work together to compromise and establish all the things you need to do to for your growing family.

How do you think a couple should prepare for the arrival of their third child? Share in the comments below.