Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Kendra On Top’ Star Hank Baskett Set To Host Every Thing For Dads ConventionCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Kendra On Top’ Star Hank Baskett Set To Host Every Thing For Dads Convention

By Maria Darbenzio

Hank Baskett, star of Kendra On Top, will be hosting the 1st annual Every Thing For Dads convention in Sarasota, Florida, on March 15th. The event will focus on raising awareness about the need for fathers in the parenting process as well as  the respect and recognition that dads deserve for their role. Recently, Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with Baskett, who shared his thoughts on the upcoming convention.

“I’m extremely honored and blessed to host the first ever Every Thing for Dads Convention in March. You look at all the dads out there in the world, and I was speechless when I found out I get to host the first one. When I told my dad, he reacted the same way,” the former wide receiver said. “My definition of success, whenever I die, is going to be based on how I was described as a husband and a father. I live my life for my family, my son, and my soon-to-be-born daughter. It’s an honor because this type of award is not one you can just buy.”

The reality star also talked about potential names for his future daughter, his relationship with wife Kendra Wilkinson, and what family means to him.

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CBS: How has fatherhood changed you?

HB: “It gives me a feeling of joy that little Hank is learning how to kick, learning how to throw, learning how to build, and has awe in his eyes every day he does something good. It gives me so much joy whenever Kendra and I are there to share it with him. When he says to you, ‘Look, Papa, at what I built!’ and when you see how proud he is, it makes you realize that as adults, people put too much emphasis on everything we have to do during the day.”

CBS: Do you have any names picked out for your baby girl?

HB: “We’re all over the place. We’ve thrown out names like Jayden, Taylor, Addison, and Ashton. We’re trying to narrow it down, but you know little things happen while we research baby names and what not.”

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CBS: How has your relationship with Kendra evolved over the years? Have you fallen more in love with her during the pregnancy and motherhood?

HB: “Any man who looks at his wife when she is pregnant understands that it’s the most beautiful feeling. You don’t know how many times she is going to get pregnant; it might just be once. I appreciate the nine months that she was pregnant. She could be going through pain, but I just love looking at her because that’s when you really look at a woman and say, ‘You have really given me everything.’ When a woman gives you a child, she is truly giving you everything. I just grow more and more in love with her over the years. To this day, I fall in love over and over because she keeps me on my toes and I never know what to expect from her.”

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