Cupid's Pulse Article: Actor Josh Brolin Dating Assistant Turned Girlfriend Kathryn BoydCupid's Pulse Article: Actor Josh Brolin Dating Assistant Turned Girlfriend Kathryn Boyd

By Louisa Gonzales

Love is in the air for Josh Brolin. The Labor Day actor, Actor Josh Brolin dating assistant turned girlfriend Kathryn Boyd according to,  was spotted getting hot and heavy in Rome on Sunday, February 23. The two lovebirds weren’t shy about showing affection to one another while strolling around the Eternal City together. A source also says the two have dated since March of last year. Brolin previous relationship, with ex-wife Diane Lane ended last February after eight years of marriage, but looks like The Gangster Squad star has since moved on.

 What are some things to consider before dating a coworker?

Cupid’s Advice:

There are both positive and negatives to dating a coworker. Getting into a relationship with someone you work with can be tricky, but sometimes you can’t help who you have a love connection with and you can only fight it for so long. Cupid shares some advice on things to consider before you start-up something romantic with a coworker:

1. Be ready for gossip: Once you get involved with some one you work with, be prepared to have people talk about it, especially if you’re an actor like Josh Brolin. There is going to be gossip and rumors surrounding the two of you and some of it may or not be true, so you have to decide if this is something you’re okay with. If you don’t like people knowing about your personal life dating a coworker might be tricky. Even if you try to keep it a secret there is no guarantee it won’t get out and eventually spread around the workplace.

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 2. You will see them a lot: The next thing you will have to consider is how will you handle seeing this person daily for a lot of hours at a time. You will potentially be sending a lot of time with them not just at the work place, but outside as well. Think about how being in relationship with a fellow employee will affect your job and work ethics. Will getting involved with a coworker cause any distractions or get in the way of you achieving your goals? If you’re both professionals and are able to handle juggling both your personal and work lives separately and together you should be fine.

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3. Are they worth the risk: One of the first things you will have to look into before dating a coworker are the work rules, policies or restrictions. Whether it is or isn’t allowed you have to ask yourself if you are willing to risk your job to date the person. Another important thing to think about is if things go sour between the two of you are you able to handle still working with them? If you really want to be with the person make sure you both really want to be in a relationship and are willing to potentially sacrifice your jobs.

What do you think are some things to consider before getting involved with a coworker? Share in the comments below.