Cupid's Pulse Article: How Weight Can Affect Your Love LifeCupid's Pulse Article: How Weight Can Affect Your Love Life

By April Littleton

Weight gain can affect all aspects of your life: your health, work, social and especially, your love life. Will your partner still care about you? Will they still find you attractive? Cupid has some advice:

1. Body image: Usually, with the more weight you gain, the more insecure you’ll feel about your body. If you’re not confident in your own skin, your partner won’t feel comfortable with your self-image either. Low self-esteem will cause anyone to lose interest in the fun aspects of life. You won’t want to go out with your friends, family or your significant other because you’re so turned off by the way you look. A relationship won’t be success if the only activity you enjoy doing is staying at home and sulking.

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2. Let’s talk about sex: If you find yourself unattractive, it’s likely you won’t show your body off to your partner. Sex isn’t everything, but it is a common factor in most relationships. The heat you once felt with your significant other may fizzle out if you’re not willing to show off your wild side at least once in a while.

3. No motivation: You won’t have any desire or motivation to do anything for yourself if you continue to be unhappy with your physical appearance. Eventually, this negative attitude could affect your relationship. Most people in a relationship look for a partner with life goals, similar interests and hobbies. If you stop working toward your dreams, your honey might start looking for someone who is confident with themselves and living their life to the fullest.

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4. Health: Your health is important. You won’t have the energy to do much of anything if you’re not at your best physically. Your partner can only do so much for you in this situation. If you want to better yourself, you need to put in the work. Go to the gym. Maybe your boo will even offer to go with you. Taking care of yourself physically and mentally shows your significant other you respect yourself. You can’t expect them to treat you the way you deserve if you’re not doing that for yourself first.

What are some other ways weight can affect your love life? Comment below.