Cupid's Pulse Article: Marc Anthony Says He’s ‘Really Good Friends’ With Casper SmartCupid's Pulse Article: Marc Anthony Says He’s ‘Really Good Friends’ With Casper Smart

By Louisa Gonzales

There are no hard feelings between Jennifer Lopes and Marc Anthony and the same goes for the starlet’s beau. According to, Anthony recently stopped by The Wendy Williams Show on Monday, February 17th and spoke of how not only was he still good friends with his ex-wife J.Lo, but with her boyfriend, Casper Smart. Anthony also revealed he is not one to judge and said nothing, but lovely things about Lopez and her new lover saying, “anybody that means something to her means something to me”.  Anthony recently just got out of relationship, with ex-girlfriend Chloe Green after a year of dating, but that hasn’t stopped him from believing in the possibility of finding love again.

How do you keep things civil with your ex’s new partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Breaking up is hard, no matter if the decision is mutual, or if it ends amicably. Leaning how to accept that your ex-love will eventually move on with someone new is hard. If you want to remain in your old flames life and still be friends you will have to keep the peace not only with them, but with their new lover as well. Cupid has advice on how to keep things civil with your ex’s new partner:

1. Be respectful: Be kind and nice to the new beau. Take the high road, it will ultimately help you and the situation. When you meet the new significant other in your ex’s life extend a hand toward them, it never hurt anyone to be nicer and it also won’t mess up your chances remaining on the good graces of your ex-lovebird. If you are respectful and courteous to your ex’s new partner they will most likely be that way towards you.

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2. Know your boundaries: Remember it’s over between the two of you, whether the decision to end the relationship was mutual or individual,stay focused on that.  It’s not about the other person it’s about keeping some form of a relationship with your ex and if you want to be a part of their life you will have to accept they are with someone new. You have begun something new in your life and so have they and no matter how hard it is seeing your ex with someone new you don’t want to make things more weird by over stepping your boundaries with either the new beau or your ex.

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3. Don’t be fake: Sometimes in attempt to mask our insecurities we will try to be something we’re not by trying to act tough or overly sweet. Don’t pretend to be some one you’re not, because when you try to force something it will come off as fake to the other person and it will make things more awkward than it has to be. Just be yourself it will make everyone more comfortable for all everybody. Plus, since your ex lover use to date you they probably have a good sense of who you are and if you’re not acting like your normal self they will pin point that right away.

 What do you think is the best way to keep things civil with your ex’s new partner? Share in the comments below.