Cupid's Pulse Article: Jason Derulo Surprises Jordin Sparks with 10,000 Roses for Valentine’s DayCupid's Pulse Article: Jason Derulo Surprises Jordin Sparks with 10,000 Roses for Valentine’s Day

By Louisa Gonzales

R&B artist Jason DeRulo shows he isn’t shy of making grand romantic gestures to the special person in his life, singer Jordin Sparks, on Valentine’s Day. According to the long-term couple, DeRulo got Jordin 10,000 roses on the holiday and they were even in her favorite color, orange, proving romance is still very much alive in their relationship. He made it happen with the help of the shop Passion Roses, and by renting out a suite at the Redbury Hotel, where the surprise took place. Sparks captured the lovely moment with a picture she later shared on Instagram, and spoke of how “overwhelmed” she was by the surprise and how she thought it was “beautiful”. DeRulo also shared his excitement on Instagram posting a pic of the roses filled room.

How do you use gifts to show your appreciation for your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s nice to receive gifts from people you love and care about. When someone gets you a present it shows that they think about you and appreciate you. Giving your partner gifts is important for your relationship, especially with helping your lovebird feel loved. Cupid has some advice on to use gifts to show your gratitude toward your special someone:

1. Give your lover a gift on a non holiday: Want to really show your appreciation and gratitude to your special someone? What better way to that than to give them a gift for no other specific reason other than because you love them and just wanted to. Maybe give them a gift when you see they are having a bad week or going through a hard time, nothing like gifting them with something special to bring a smile to their face.

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2. Plan to give the best gift yet for their next birthday: Nothing will show how much you love and care about your lover then by making their birthday one to remember. Birthdays usually become less exciting as we get older and the presents are less unique and special, break that idea and notion by doing or getting something you know your honey will love, enjoy and truly appreciate. Think about what gift will truly surprise them, you can also ask family and friends for help.

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3. Create, make or write a personalized gift: This is a chance to show your creative side as well as show you are willing to make the time and effort to put something together that is one of kind and just for them. A gift doesn’t necessarily mean giving your loved one a present. You can also write your sweetheart a personalized love letter or thank you card that expresses how grateful and thankful you are to have them in your life or show you appreciation by making them breakfast in bed.