Cupid's Pulse Article: Rosie O’Donnell Says Health Scare Brought Her Closer to WifeCupid's Pulse Article: Rosie O’Donnell Says Health Scare Brought Her Closer to Wife

By Louisa Gonzales

Rosie O’ Donnell and her wife, Michelle Rounds both may have recently experienced health scares back in 2012, but fast forward to now and they are both better than ever, and so is their relationship. reports that the scary turn of events surrounding Rounds’ health scare brought O’Donnell and her partner closer together. O’Donnell and her lover were to have a big wedding on August 17 out in Long Island, where O’Donnell grew up, but it had to be postponed because it was around the time Rounds got sick. Rounds was diagnosed with Desmoid tumors, which is a rare cancer disease. However, it didn’t stop the two from tying the knot as they said their “I do’s” at a private and intimate ceremony in their own apartment home.

 How do you cope with a health scare in your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

When someone you love and care about gets sick, your first instinct is to take care of them, sometimes it’s easier to do so than other times. When something as serious as an illness or possible sickness comes across in your relationship it can either strengthen it or weaken it. How can you make sure you and your partner get through something as dramatic as that? Cupid has advice on ways to cope with a health scare in your relationship:

1. Be there for them: The best way to help someone through a difficult time is to simply be there for them. Offer your support and help in any way you can. Everyone copes with stressful and difficult things and times differently, but if your partner is the one experiencing a rough patch it’s good to let them they’re not alone.  Letting your lover know you are in it for the good and bad times and willing to face them together can only make your relationship stronger and bring you closer.

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2. Focus on the positive: Think about all the positive things in your lives and forget about the negative for a bit. If you keep thinking about the bad things it can only make things worse for both you and your relationship with your romantic mate. Being stressed out all the time over something you can’t control is not healthy and is not the key to happiness. Nothing is certain in this life, but we can only do the best we can to make everyday as fun and enjoyable as possible. Remember all the good times you shared together and think about all the great future moments you have yet to experience.

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3. Participate in things that make you both happy: Take both your minds off the difficult and dramatic events, such as a health scare, by doing something together that makes you both happy. Celebrate the fact you both survived the “scare”, that you’re alive and made it through together. Whether you go on a romantic trip, or get hitched, or spend a lovely evening at your home, make it memorable. No one knows when their last moments are, so cherish the times you have now.

What do you think are the best ways to handle health scares in your relationship? Share your tips below.