Cupid's Pulse Article: Lauren Conrad Celebrates Hoe-Down Birthday Party with FiancéCupid's Pulse Article: Lauren Conrad Celebrates Hoe-Down Birthday Party with Fiancé

By Louisa Gonzales

Engaged couple Lauren Conrad and her fiancé William Tell celebrate their birthdays in a joint bash! People magazine reports the party took place at night at Rivera 31 at the Sofitel hotel in Los Angeles. Multiple family members and friends of the lovebirds attended the hoe-down themed party, including some of Conrad’s former costars from her reality TV days, such as Stephanie Pratt and Lexie Contursi. The couple and guests went all out for the themed party, with everyone wearing mostly flannels and denim. The party itself was decorated with haystacks, blow-up ponies and wagon wheels, which took place on the outdoor patio, privately reserved by the lovers. 

What are some ways to make your partner’s birthday special?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your lovebird’s birthday is coming up and you want to make it one of the best yet. How can you show your lover just how much you care and know them on their birthday?  Cupid has some advice on some ways to make your partner’s birthday special:

1.Pick something specific to do: Whether you want to throw a party or go somewhere, narrow down exactly what you want to do, it will make things easier when planning.Try doing something your partner has always wanted to do, but never had a chance to do it yet, or pick and plan to do something that has to do with your lovers interest. Doing something your lovebird mentioned they wanted to do or enjoy doing, will show that you listen and pay attention to their needs and wants.

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2. Do something unexpected: Want to make your significant others birthday truly memorable, try to do something surprising and unusual. Some of our most exciting days is when something unexpected happens. Doing something you don’t do very often, such as taking your honey away on a specific destination, Paris or fishing, or bringing them breakfast in bed or cooking for them will surprise them in the best ways. Whatever you plan to do, keep it hush-hush, it will sweep your sweetheart away when you finally unmask your plans for them on their special day.

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3. Celebrate them: Your better half birthday should be all about them and sometimes that means sacrificing your own needs and wants to make them happy. Let’s say your lovebug likes doing something, but you don’t, in fact you hate it with a fiery passion. Showcase how smitten you are by sacrificing one day to do something with you partner you normally wouldn’t want to, it is not going to kill you. Besides nothing shows true love like doing something just because your soulmate loves it.

How would make your significant other’s birthday special? Share your tips below.