Cupid's Pulse Article: The Dating Lounge: You’re Invited to an Exclusive Dating CommunityCupid's Pulse Article: The Dating Lounge: You’re Invited to an Exclusive Dating Community

This post is sponsored by The Dating Lounge.

By Brittany Stubbs

The Dating Lounge is the first ever invitation-only dating community on Facebook where friends date each other’s friends. It was created by Samantha Daniels, one of the foremost professional matchmakers and dating experts in the country, to provide singles with exactly what they want in today’s dating world: real-time information, connections to people they know, and accuracy in an exclusive invitation-only community.

Unlike other dating sites, The Dating Lounge pulls information directly from Facebook profiles, allowing you to see how you are connected to a potential date through the mutual friends you share. The site is populated by all friends of friends; once you join, you get to invite 10 of your friends, and then they get to invite 10 of their friends, and so on.

Another reassuring part of this dating app is the fact that it was created by someone who knows the dating world. Daniels is owner of the bicoastal matchmaking service called Samantha’s Table. Responsible for over 250 marriages and thousands of substantial relationships, she works with high-profile people and celebrities, matching and advising them on how to find that one person who is missing in their life.

She founded The Dating Lounge with the idea that she could create “a small world for dating,” where people had the capability of dating as their real self, in real time, with the information pulled directly from an already-existing profile. Members of The Dating Lounge are busy and successful. They don’t have time to waste going on bad dates; they prefer to know more information upfront so they can strategically determine who they would like to meet.

Some things to check out once you are in The Lounge:

— The “About the Dating Lounge” page  as well as the “Story Behind the Lounge” so you get a good sense of what the site is all about and  the specifics of why it was created.

— The “Invite a Friend” page where each member gets to invite 10 friends, who in turn can invite 10 friends and so on, keeping The Lounge by invitation only.

— The “Facebook profile” button on each person’s profile page, which links their Dating Lounge profile to their Facebook page so members get to find out more about who they’re thinking about dating.

— The “Mutual Friends” button, which allows members to see which friends they have in common with a potential date, providing a natural connection and a sense of comfort.

— The “Email a Mutual Friend” button, which allows members to automatically request that a mutual friend make an introduction for them to a potential love interest, just like they would ask them to do in real life.

For an invitation to The Dating Lounge, go to the app page and request an invitation by clicking on “Don’t have invitation code?”