Cupid's Pulse Article: Nick Carter Ditches Sister’s Wedding for His Bachelor PartyCupid's Pulse Article: Nick Carter Ditches Sister’s Wedding for His Bachelor Party

By Louisa Gonzales

There is a new addition to the musically inclined Carter family. Nick and Aaron Carter’s sister, Angel Carter recently got hitched to lover Corey Conrad at Newhall Mansion in Piru, California, on Saturday, February 8th, according to The wedding celebration, which took place in the late afternoon, included many family and friends of the couple, except there was one important member of the Carter family missing, brother Nick. The Backstreet Boy singer Nick, 34, was supposed to walk his sister down the aisle, but didn’t in favor of attending a joint bachelor and bachelorette party, held in Las Vegas at the Palms Hotel and Ghost Bar with his own bride-to-be, Lauren Kitt. However, even though one of her brothers couldn’t make the wedding ceremony, her twin brother Aaron was in attendance and the two even shared a touching moment on the dance floor together as seen by a picture one of the guests posted.

What are some things to consider around the timing of your wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

A wedding is a special occasion and it is lovely to be able to share your special day with family and friends. Of course, you want everyone important in your life to attend the witnessing of your wedding vows, but sometimes life gets in the way. It’s sad when your loved ones are unable to make it to the wedding celebration, and there could be many reasons why, maybe they’re sick, or can’t afford to travel to the wedding destination or maybe it conflicted with prior engagements, you know as they say timing is everything. Cupid has some advice on things to consider around the timing of your nuptials.

1. Plan your wedding months in advance: Doing this will give people a considerably amount of time and a heads up to make arrangements to come to your wedding. Let guests know exactly where and when the wedding is taking place so they can make plans accordingly and make all necessary arrangements. It’s harder for people to plan to do things in such short notice no matter what it is, just think wouldn’t it be hard to plan your wedding on a short time frame? Think about your guests, everyone has their own lives and schedules.

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2. Ask friends and family when’s a good time to get married: See when is the best day for all your closest family and friends to attend. Ask them things like when they will be off work, or have time to take off. It is wise to consider the people you both hold dear when making wedding decisions and who knows they might even be able to share some good advice. Another thing to consider before saying your “I do’s”, is if you plan to travel or to invite guests who have to travel to your wedding think about things such as the weather, time and month. You wouldn’t want people to not be able to attend because of the weather or work conflicts when it could have been resolved by picking a better wedding date.

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3.Check up on who is and isn’t coming: Don’t assume all the people you sent invitations to are going to attend your wedding nuptials. Include on the invitation a R.S.V.P line as this will let them know they need to reply if they’re going to attend so you can plan accordingly. Ask them to send back their reply on whether they can make it by the “Reply by” date. If certain guests don’t reply by your set deadline, check up on it by contacting them to confirm because maybe the invitation could have  gotten lost in the mail or they forgot. Remember though, sometimes no matter how much you hope and try to pick a date that can work for everyone you plan to invite it’s just not possible, so don’t be too bummed out if certain people can’t make it and focus on the ones that can.

What do you think couples should consider around the timing of their wedding? Share your tips below.