Cupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Creating Love That LastsCupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Creating Love That Lasts

By Maria Darbenzio

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us (one week away!), romance is in the air everywhere you go. Check out some of these articles from our partners to get you on the path to a love that lasts.

1. Time to recharge: Sometimes, things can begin to get boring in a long-term relationship. Take a moment to get the excitement back in your love life! Try making a list of places you’ve always wanted to go (whether it be a restaurant down the street or that resort in Cabo San Lucas) and write a couple’s bucket list. For more ideas, consider these suggestions. (

2. Change is good: It’s easy to want to change things you don’t like about your partner, but that can make things complicated. Instead, try changing the way you look at your significant other. A healthy relationship consists of being able to listen to your partner, give them space, and share your needs when necessary. (

3. Give love another chance: Not everyone gets their relationship right on the first time around, but if you’re both willing to try again, it may be worth a shot. Many couples have experienced long lasting relationships after a brief breakup, so who’s to say you won’t? (

4. Keep the romance alive: Gena Lee Nolin is married to former hockey star Cale Hulse. In her blog, she shares some wonderful tips on how to keep your marriage alive and well. Nolin even reveals how she’ll be spending her Valentine’s Day. (

5. Be a good girlfriend: In order to truly be happy with your man, you need to make sure that you’re a good fit for each other. Don’t force yourself to be attracted to someone just because he’s available. The best way to make sure your affection is felt is by making sure you’re with the right person. (

How will you ensure that your love lasts? Tell us in the comments below.