Cupid's Pulse Article: Valentine’s Day Giveaway 6: Cuddle Up While Eating Foxy’s Premium Frozen YoghurtCupid's Pulse Article: Valentine’s Day Giveaway 6: Cuddle Up While Eating Foxy’s Premium Frozen Yoghurt

This post is sponsored by Foxy’s Pash Premium Frozen Yoghurt.

By Louisa Gonzales

The next time you’re looking for a gift idea for your partner, a BFF or even a crush you fancy, think outside of the box and opt for something unique, original and tasty like Foxy’s Pash Premium Frozen Yoghurt. Not only do they have several mouth-watering flavors, but each bite is healthy as well. Plus, Foxy’s is committed to using the best ingredients available to help create a truthfully unique product that can satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Never Been Pashed?

‘Pash’ is an Australian term for smooching.  Foxy’s knows that not all pashes are the same.  Some pashes are romantic, some are fun, and some are just downright naughty. Foxy’s line of frozen yogurts put the variety of sensations from a pash into a spoonful of delectable desserts. You can never have too many pashes on Valentine’s Day, or in your freezer!  Foxy’s flavors include: Sassy Pash (vanilla bean with strawberry hunks), Cheeky Pash (mango and passionfruit smoothie), Sneaky Pash (wildberry with real chocolate flakes), and Naughty Pash (honeycomb swirled with chunks of caramel).

Foxy’s Premium Frozen Yoghurt  is a 100% guilt-free premium frozen yogurt, made with real California milk and live cultures.  The taste is rich and creamy, yet Foxy’s Pash contains only half the calories, fat, and sugar of most name-brand ice creams.

This Valentine’s Day, will be shipping Foxy’s Pash to one lucky winner! 

To enter for a chance to win please email with your full name, address, email, and daytime phone number NO LATER THAN 2 p.m. ET today. In the subject line, please write “Foxy’s Pash.” Winners will be contacted on Monday, February 17, 2014. You can enter each contest only once. Good luck!

Congratulations to Raquel de Souza!

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