Cupid's Pulse Article: J.K. Rowling Says Harry Potter Should Have Ended Up with HermioneCupid's Pulse Article: J.K. Rowling Says Harry Potter Should Have Ended Up with Hermione

By Louisa Gonzales

J.K. Rowling drops a bomb into the Harry Potter fandom. How did she bring about this chaos and confusion? She did so by saying, Harry and Hermione would have made a “better match” instead of her and Ron. According to she revealed this information in an interview held by Emma Watson, who plays Hermione in the block buster franchise, for The Sunday Times. She was also quoted in saying Ron and Hermione were sort of “wish-fulfillment” for her and the reasons behind them ending up together have more to do with her following through with the plan she had in the beginning than with the real “literature”. Rowling went on to acknowledge the fact, this revelation might upset some fans, but was quick to apologize and then admitted she just wanted to be honest.

How do you choose between two potential partners?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes love comes expectantly and without warning and sometimes it can be hard to find. However, what do you do when you find two potential good matches for yourself at the same time? Love is tricky and complicated enough as it is, without the added pressure of having to choose between two potential mates vying for your affections. Dating one person is hard enough, but imagine dating two it is bound to be more difficult.  If you are with two people at the same time and having a hard time deciding who you want more, cupid has some advice on how to go about choosing between two potential partners.

1.Think about who you have more in common with: We all like people for different reasons, but finding potential lovers who you have common ground with is key to building a long-lasting relationship. While deciding who you want to be with ask yourself, who do you get a long with more? If you find yourself clashing with one potential love interest more than the other it is probably because you have more things in common with the one you have less arguments with. While opposites do sometimes attract, studies have shown couples who have more common interests have healthier relationships.

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2. Decide which one is more real: Of course your relationship with both people are real, but who do you have a deeper connection with? Ask yourself if the reason you are with your sweethearts and want to be with them is because you truly love them and are not just infaturated. Love is about more than just being physically attracted to each other, there has to be an emotional connection as well. Decide who you want by your side during the good and bad times. Someone is bound to get hurt no matter what you decide, but it is better to set someone free before things get to deep.

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3. Remember nothings ever perfect: No matter who you decide to date, no relationship is ever easy all the time. There are going to be things you don’t like about your significant other, but love is about accepting who they are, the good and the bad. Examine your priorities and what you want in a relationship to help decide who is the better match at this point in your life. Also, if neither of your potential lovebirds are doing it for you or you later realize they’re not what you want, don’t be afraid to let both of them go. The final choice of what you want and who you want is up to you, but a choice has to be made.

How do you think you should choose between two potential love matches? Share your tips below.