Cupid's Pulse Article: NoGamesLove Video Dating Tips: How to Get a Guy to CommitCupid's Pulse Article: NoGamesLove Video Dating Tips: How to Get a Guy to Commit

 By E!’s Famously Single Dating Coach, Laurel House

In this week’s dating advice video, relationship expert and E!’s Famously Single dating coach, Laurel House talks about getting a guy to be in a dedicated relationship — much like the girls on The Bachelor hope to do when it comes to the handsome Juan Pablo. First, she encourages viewers to see the popular reality show as a real-life scenario: “He’s dating multiple people…just like you might be casually dating a couple of people until you decide to be in a serious, monogamous relationship.”

Dating Advice from E!’s Famously Single Laurel House on How to Get a Guy to Commit

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Then, the dating expert shares her dating tips for getting that special guy to commit to you. Most importantly, be in the moment, be uplifting, and be vulnerable. “Become your best self!” Watch the video above for the rest of Laurel’s advice and discover what else you can learn from this season of The Bachelor!

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