Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding Planner Kevin Lee Says, “I Think Famous Brides Are More Humble Than Everyday Brides”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding Planner Kevin Lee Says, “I Think Famous Brides Are More Humble Than Everyday Brides”

By Maria Darbenzio

Kevin Lee, owner and founder of LA Premier, has been taking the floral and event planning business to the next level for years. As his company has grown over the past two decades, he has become one of the most sought-after event planners in the Beverly Hills area. His portfolio includes many of the hottest A-list celebrities (including Jennifer Aniston, Christina Aguilera, and Drew Barrymore), and his work has been featured at some of the most prestigious award shows.

Exclusive Celebrity Interview with Kevin Lee

The saying “you need to love what you do in order to be happy” rings very true for Lee. “To me, working with the flowers and planning weddings is my life — I get to create so much,” he says in our exclusive celebrity interview. “My clients get the freshest flowers, and I love making beautiful masterpieces for them. Every design is a one-of-a-kind organic touch, and I love the fact that it’s such a creative career.” His passion for his job radiates from him, and his bliss is contagious.

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When it comes to planning elegant celebrity weddings, the event planner has put together his fair share of big days for his star clientele. You may have seen him featured on reality TV shows like Brides of Beverly Hills and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In order to work alongside these stars, he had to set himself apart from others in the industry. “If you want to prove yourself, you need to stand out, which I was fortunately able to do,” Lee explains. “I get to be unique and creative and use my artistic vision. A lot of jobs don’t let you do that these days.”

It’s no surprise that what you see on television is what you get in real life. “I’m confident and creative, and that carries over on or off the camera. I’m not afraid to do anything unnatural,” Lee candidly shares in our celebrity interview. “Whether I’m on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or getting together with friends, I’m still the same person.”

Celebrity Wedding Planner Shares Love Advice

When it comes to wedding planning, the florist believes the same love advice applies to celebrities and non-celebrities alike. “It doesn’t make a difference,” he explains. “Everyone is looking for something special and unique because it’s her special day and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

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Of course, there is still one notable distinction — and it’s a surprising one. “I actually think famous brides are more humble than the everyday bride. Celebrities already stand out every day, while the ordinary bride isn’t necessarily used to so much attention. It’s their one day to feel like a celebrity.”

For Lee, it’s hard to chose a favorite wedding that he has planned. However, his fondest memory was opening in Toronto for the Bridal Show of Canada. A crowd of 45,000 people came out to make it the most memorable experience of his career.

Planning a wedding on your own can be full of long days and sleepless nights, but hiring an event planner can lead to a large price tag. Not everyone can afford a private coordinator to help them along the way, but there are options available for those who can’t. “Ask a hotel wedding coordinator to help you out. They’ll make a big difference,” Lee advises couples with a tight budget.

As we all know, flowers are a huge part of every wedding, and there are two types that Lee believes a bride should avoid: pom-poms and mums. “I’m into elegant flowers, and they don’t stand out to me as elegant.” On the other end, Lee says hydrangeas are his go-to flower and that white is always in.

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, flowers are on everyone’s mind right now. So does this famed florist think a bouquet of roses is too cliche for the romantic holiday? “Any time you think of Valentine’s Day, you think of roses — they’re very symbolic,” he shares. “It’s a day of someone remembering you. I love how some things never change; tradition never goes out of style. Roses are just like diamonds — diamonds are forever, and they never lose their popularity.”

Recently, Lee and his company teamed up with BloomNation, a unique marketplace for floral arrangements. “There are many services out there, but some of them don’t alter themselves to keep up with the era,” he says of the partnership. “BloomNation lets us use our creativity and artistic touches to make each arrangement different. It reminds us why we love doing what we do, and it lets us show each of our unique and personal touches as florists.”

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