Cupid's Pulse Article: Courteney Cox Says She Wants Celebrity Ex David Arquette to Be HappyCupid's Pulse Article: Courteney Cox Says She Wants Celebrity Ex David Arquette to Be Happy

By Louisa Gonzales

Courteney Cox and David Arquette may have separated back in 2010, but the ex couple still maintains a positive relationship with each other. Cox, 49, even talks about her ex in a friendly way, going on to reportedly say she wants him to be happy. The once lovers have both moved on as Arquette is expecting a baby with girlfriend Chrisina McLarty, while Cox is linked to musician Johnny McDaid. Although the two have one of the most amicable splits in Hollywood, according to People, Cox still notes the difficulty of divorce. She mentions how having a daughter together, Coco, 9, helps them keep their priorities straight, as they want what’s best for her. Cox also relies on friends such as Friends costar Jenifer Aniston for support.

What are some ways to remain amicable with your ex post-divorce?

Cupid’s Advice:

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved no matter if the choice to separate was mutual or not. Yes, divorce is never going to be a smooth ride and it will have lots of bumps, but someday you will  both move on. The biggest question after divorce is once you are no longer together romantically can you still be friends or at least stay on good terms with each other? Cupid has some advice on ways to keep the peace with your ex after a divorce:

1. Communicate: It is important to communicate often and honestly. Keeping yourselves open to speaking and sharing what’s going on in your lives, even though you are no longer linked romantically, can help keep the two of you on good terms. Make sure to remain honest about your feelings and with anything else you have to say. Trust is important for any relationship and if you hide or keep secrets from each other, it could ruin whatever good feelings you have left for each other.

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2. Support their choices: Whatever the future holds for both of you, whether it’s moving on with some one else or doing new things, giving them your support lets them know you still care. It is hard to see you ex with some one else, there is no escaping it, but if you truly still care about them, you should want them to be happy. Being able to let your ex know or giving them a sign of approval about them moving on is a really nice gesture and can help you too move on as well.

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3. Keep calm and be kind to each other: Divorce is hard for both parties, keep that in mind when you are making decisions about dividing assets. It is good to remain calm and be nice to one another, especially if you want to stay on each others good graces and want the divorce to go as smoothly as possible. If children are involved this even more important, doing what is best for your family should be the number one priority. Together you can come up with a fair agreement on how to move forward.

What do you think are good ways to stay friendly with your ex? Share you tips below.