Cupid's Pulse Article: Can You Be Single and Still Have a Soulmate?Cupid's Pulse Article: Can You Be Single and Still Have a Soulmate?

By Sarah Ribeiro

We hear it all the time: Your soulmate is out there. You’ll meet your Prince Charming some day. Don’t give up on finding true love. For single ladies, these statements can be some of the most hopeful pieces of advice…but they can also be soul-crushing to hear. What if you already found The One and lost him? Or what if your perfect match lives halfway across the country — or worse, the world? Is it even possible to be single and have a soulmate? Of course it is. Here are five tips for singles looking for lasting love:

1. You are loved: Who says your soulmate has to be a partner or the love of your life in a romantic way? A soulmate is someone who supports you through everything, loves you unconditionally, and would do anything for you — and you are the same to them. Whether this person comes in the form of a significant other, a roommate, a best friend, a sibling, or a parent, you have a soulmate in some form.

As spiritual counselor and transformational healer Audrey Hope puts it, soulmate love is just a different kind of love. “A soulmate love is not the same as dating. It is a science that requires one to follow higher sacred laws, a system of truth, and integrity. You will find him or her if you do what needs to be done.”

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2. Your love is waiting: Whether you’re 20, 40, 60, or 80, there’s always a chance that you’ll find the love of your life at an unexpected time. You just need to stop limiting yourself. “The most important element in being single and wanting that soulmate is to be open to doing things differently,” says relationship therapist Denise C. Onofrey, MA, NCC, MFTC. “Be open-minded about who comes your way and have some deal breakers, but don’t be so rigid you miss out on love.”

3. Don’t be shy about your search: Onofrey recommends marketing yourself to find love. “Tell friends, family, casual acquaintances, and, if appropriate, your co-workers that you are willing to be matched with someone they recommend.” After all, you can’t find a soulmate if no one knows you’re looking!

4. Love yourself: You’re never going to find love if you don’t take the time to appreciate yourself first. Find activities that interest you and do them — even if it means doing them alone. Not only will you better get to know your self, you’ll give yourself the chance to meet new people whose interests align with your own. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the love of your life while you’re taking trapeze lessons or learning to speak French.

Plus, you may find that you can give yourself the kind of love and entertainment that you’ve always expected from a partner. “Don’t miss out on a great event, restaurant, or holiday party because you don’t have a date,” says Onofrey. “Go anyway! Live your life fully whether you’re partnered or not.”

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5. You’re never alone: Even if you’re single, remember that you’re loved, and that “single” is not synonymous with “alone.” Plus, you can have more than one soulmate, so stop harping on lost love and look forward to what’s yet to come. “The love that is your equal, the love that is necessary for your life and work will always find you,” explains Hope. “There’s not just one soulmate for each person. There is love that needs to be with you perhaps for a season, maybe a lifetime, or possibly forever, but it will be what serves your highest soul.”

Tell us: How did you know when you met your soulmate?