Cupid's Pulse Article: What to Do When Your Partner Needs SpaceCupid's Pulse Article: What to Do When Your Partner Needs Space

By Louisa Gonzales

Being in a relationship means spending time together, communicating, and supporting each other. You want to respect your significant other and their choices, but what if that decision is your partner telling you they need space? Every person needs time for themselves and the chance to focus on their needs, without worrying about someone else’s.  Just because you’re dating someone it doesn’t mean you have to spend every single moment with them, it’s something will all must learn. Cupid has some advice on what you can do, if your lover says they, “need space”.

 1. Define exactly what they mean: Does it mean they want space from you or your relationship? A break? It’s good to establish things and ask what they’re looking to get out of “having some space” and exactly  what they want in terms of getting it. It will help you understand why they needed space in the first place and if the relationship is worth holding on to.

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2. Don’t freak out on your lovebird: Take a breath and don’t act on impulse, there’s no need to get over emotional.There could be a million different reasons as to why your lover needs some space. Maybe they think you’re smothering them or maybe they’re just stressed. No matter what that reason is, if you don’t want to push them further away, it is important to respect their request and not overreact. Their reasoning might have some valid points and in the long run your time apart could benefit your relationship, make it stronger, and give you the time to truly appreciate each other.

3. Do share your feelings:  Express to your honey how you feel about their need for space, but let them know in a respectful and kind way that showcases your support about their decision. It will help them to take into account your feelings as well as let them know you are there for them. It is important for the both of you to hear and listen to what the other has to say. Doing this can set you on right track towards working out any kinks or issues in your relationship.

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4. Give them their space, but get your own also: Give them what they want, but during this time on your own, take the time to focus on yourself. If your romantic mate, is getting some time for themselves, so should you. With all your free time, you can start doing the things you’ve always wanted to try, but never had the time to. You can also spend the time reflecting on your relationship and the best direction to take to move forward, together or apart.

What do you think you should do if your romantic interest says they “need space”? Share your tips below.