Cupid's Pulse Article: Teresa and Joe Giudice Ask Judge for Separate TrialsCupid's Pulse Article: Teresa and Joe Giudice Ask Judge for Separate Trials

By Brittany Stubbs

The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, Teresa and Joe Giudice, are facing up to 50 years in jail for 41 counts of fraud including loan and bankruptcy fraud. The couple recently filed motions to conduct separate trials in the federal indictment against them, People reports. According to the court document: “Should the trails be severed, Mr. Giudice has affirmed his willingness to testify as to Teresa’s involvement in the alleged criminal activity. He would be unable to do so in a joint trial wherein his Fifth Amendment rights are invoked.” Simplified, Joe’s declaration states that he will testify that his wife had no knowledge or involvement in the fraud. Although there is currently no word as to whether or not their request for separate trials was approved, the couple will return to court on April 9.

How do you support your partner through legal troubles?

Cupid’s Advice:

While marriage by itself has many challenges, adding a court room and lawsuits definitely taxes on some issues. It is during these times you must remain supportive and remind yourself of those vows: for richer or poorer, for better or worse: 

1. Keep communicating: You most likely have many other voices in your ear right now, whether it be lawyers, family members, or friends. Remember your partner’s voice at this time and the importance of your communication. Whether you feel unstable, scared, or emotionally drained, it’s important that you and your partner can both discuss these feelings with one another.

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2. Keep your life as normal as possible: Although there are obvious changes that occur with legal troubles, you can show your support by continuing to be there for your partner just like you always have been. Whether that means cooking them dinner, leaving sweet notes, or simply asking about their day, it’s important during unstable times to make life at home feel as secure as possible.

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3. Don’t talk to the media: Maybe you don’t have photographers and reporters following you around like the Giudice family, but you still have your own “media” you must choose your words carefully around. Sharing personal information about legal troubles in a marriage can often result in tension in your relationship. There’s always the possibility of repeated information or rumors that will only harm an already difficult situation. So turn your attention away from others and focus on supporting your partner.

How do you support your partner through legal troubles? Share your thoughts below.