Cupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Celebrating Your RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Celebrating Your Relationship

By Maria Darbenzio

When it comes to a relationship, you should never hide how much you love someone. After all, there are so many great ways to celebrate your romance. Check out these articles from our partners to give you some ideas:

1. Spend a night out: You may not be able to attend prestigious award celebrations while wearing the latest couture like the celebrities, but nothing’s stopping you from dressing your best. You can host a dinner party, attend a cocktail night, or just gather a few friends for a meal at a nice restaurant. Not only should you celebrate your relationship but also the people who have helped you along the way.

2. Look within: Celebrations don’t always need to be fancy and require reservations. Take time to look at your relationship as a couple and let your partner know how special they are to you. Remind them (and yourself) of what made you fall in love in the first place.

3. Recreate a date: Think about what your first date was like, where you went and what you did. It can be easy to forget the details, so keep them fresh by recreating it. Revisit the spot where you first met or kissed, but try wearing a different outfit, styling your hair in a new way, or maybe sampling a sexy makeup look.

4. Leave sweet notes: It’s easy to get caught up in a busy schedule. If conflicting times make it hard to sit back and relax together, take an alternative route: Slip a note into your man’s briefcase before he heads for work or leave one on his nightstand. It’ll let him know you haven’t forgotten how much he means to you, and it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to his face. Check out some of these quotes for ideas!

5. Rekindle lost love: Maybe you’re looking to make amends with a former partner. Before moving forward, make sure the relationship is worth getting back into. After you win each other over for the second time, celebrate the relationship you have now and the progress you want to make. Don’t let the past ruin your future.

What are some ways you like to celebrate your relationship? Share your comments below!